Work like a college kid!

One of the BEST problems you can have in your business is enormous stress when you take on too much work or too many clients. You go into brain-overload, walk away from your laptop, and rock back and forth in the corner of the room. (Err… well, maybe that’s just me.)

But if you are (or think you are) facing this incredibly d-e-s-i-r-a-b-l-e issue, it tells me that you could either hire someone to help you (if this is for real, for real) OR you need to start working harder/more efficiently.

You worked harder in college than you do right now

In college, we had deadlines for all the items on our list. Term papers, research projects, presentations, and so on. And you know what?

So what’s changed between now and then? Well, I got my very first forehead line and I have an invitation to my 5-year class reunion that came in the mail.

Our work ethic changes as we age.

I, like most business owners, have created what business coaches call “healthy boundaries” to avoid working at both ends of the clock anymore.

  • What happened to College YOU who stayed out til the wee small hours of the morning partying like a rockstar?
  • What happened to the College YOU who never missed one single deadline?
  • What happened to the College YOU who gleefully pulled all-nighters to ensure work was done on time?

Consider this your WAKE-UP CALL to get back to working hard and playing hard, Entrepreneur. And stop acting your age.

Start giving yourself deadlines and STICK to them. We used to fear bad grades in case we missed something in college – I say only go get Starbucks if you got all your items crossed off. Because if your goal is to get a book deal, get dozens of clients, or a thousand more people on your email list, I’m saying you have to work for it. And you have to work HARD.

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