The Double Life of an Entrepreneur

Crying for no reason - part of an entrepreneur's life.A few weeks ago, I hit my three year mark in being an entrepreneur. I went from zero to hero. Not quite rags to riches, but I’ve hit entrepreneurship full speed ahead – FULL-TIME (not a pass-time) and I’ve made some money in the process. It’s been a thrilling and rewarding ride. And of course, I recently got married and moved to the Cape.

So a lot of emotions have been swirling…

Today, I burst into tears uncontrollably.

I was so frustrated because I realized I’ve spent these past three years creating a business that helps other entrepreneurs become SOMETHING. They’re BIG DEALS now. Legit people you have heard of and admire. And you care so much about what they think.

That was my goal – setting out – it was to help women entrepreneurs do and become what they dreamed. And it’s incredibly rewarding to watch people you love hit it big and kill it in their business. Really, it makes me so happy I could start crying again.

Here’s the rub, though…

YOUR GOAL/WHATEVER IT IS YOU WANTED TO DO IN YOUR BUSINESS isn’t quite “it” or the “end all” after all.

If you are anything like me, I would be willing to bet that whatever it is that you do really well for others, you do poorly for yourself.

I’ve come across health coaches who eat crap.
I’ve known life coaches who are just plain rude.
I’ve seen professional organizers with messy closets.
I’ve met chefs who microwave frozen dinners.

What’s the point of these examples, you ask?

Well, what I’ve noticed is that even though I’ve helped others accomplish crazy amazing things (ie. I have a client who, with my help, recently quadrupled the rate at which she acquires new email subscribers), I end up with little to no energy left afterward to work on myself and my own business.

And BOOM – suddenly, the mole hill of work I had to do turns into Mt Everest.

I pressured myself today to FIGURE EVERYTHING OUT.

Kind of a big matzo ball hanging, wouldn’t you agree?

So the point of this post isn’t to make you feel bad for me or anything. The point is that just when we think we’ve figured out what we wanted, the truth of the matter is that it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Professional development (in the entrepreneurial sense) means to go deeper and deeper and deeper – infinitely deep.

It means that there is ALWAYS work to do. Even if you’ve made a lot of money and accomplished your goal.

Your work is never done, this is what I’d like to call The Double Life of an Entrepreneur.

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