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3 Marketing Tips I Learned from the Movie Clueless

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A generally good rule of thumb about blogging is to embrace NAME-DROPPING. So in this post, the fact I’m writing about Clueless will attract fans of that cult-classic 1996(?) film, thereby attracting them to me, and subsequently to internet marketing.

What is the benefit to me?

The benefit is the off-chance that one of these Alicia Silverstone-loving fans will also be a businessowner and can therefore benefit from the teachings of this article. Hopefully, they will also correct me if I’m wrong- Clueless was from 1996, right? Definitely the nineties, right?


I was watching the movie Clueless this weekend. Aside from Cher rekindling my undeniable love for fashion and fun hats, she also made a few good points about how to stay popular. Popularity in highschool can quite seamlessly be juxtaposed with popularity in POP CULTURE (which is the ultimate goal for any brand/product).

1. Project a thoughtful, consistent IMAGE.

Even those who know nothing about Clueless know Cher is a shopaholic. Her shopping skills are important to note beyond the fact that they are supporting the economy. Further, her clothes, though varying in color, seem to always project the same image. It is easy to tell her apart from every other character in the movie based on her taste.

Similarly, a business should have a specific image. Rather than remarking on dress here, we remark on a business’ branding. Is it streamlined? When looking at one of your flyers, do consumers recall your website? Or do they wonder if those are two different things (not streamlined, vague, inconsistent, non-specific).

2. Identify and aim for your TARGET MARKET.

Cher knows exactly what she wants from the beginning of the movie. She claims she is saving herself and warding off men until she meets Luke Perry, an icon of coolness and teen-heartthrob-masculinity. When a Luke Perry lookalike joins her class, she makes a conscious decision to pursue him and shares the fact with the audience who should not find this a surprise. Her target also provides a benefit – to fill her boyfriendless void.

If you are a brand/business, your target market should be most apt to provide the benefit (SALES) based on what you have to offer. Your market should be so specific that you could say what they look like to a Police Sketch Artist and be satisfied with the resulting portrait.

{There is a common misconception that niche businesses with niche target audiences don’t do good business because they are too narrow in perspective. FALSE! If I branded myself solely as Liz Theresa, Marketer, someone looking for internet marketing assistance would not only have a hard time finding this website, but a doubly hard time being convinced to choose me over someone else who may call him or herself an “Internet Marketing Expert.”}


Content, content, content! I could scream these words from my rooftop, but I’m not sure that would be the best way to make friends. Cher has a thing for her Debate Class. She loves to stand up and give her opinion which is always well-guided and only slightly problematic. She has no problem speaking her mind and encouraging the betterment of others (much in the way she seeks to improve Tai both physically and mentally).

Similarly, no one will listen to the most specific and aesthetically engaging brand unless they say something other than, “Buy my pancakes!” As much as I LOVE pancakes and as much as anyones LOVES pancakes, no one wants to be told to buy them. That is old, ugly, dead, direct-marketing.


If you tell people what to eat with your pancakes, about the history of your pancake company, what syrup goes best with a specific pancake, etc., they will be more likely to buy on the fact that you are providing them a BENEFIT (education in the pancake department) without anything being required of them. Each bit of content should be provocative or educational or NOTHING.


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