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Why Do You Need a Website?

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I LOVE talking to people who have this question. If you are starting a business or, at the very least, in the beginning stage of being an established business, you either have a website or this question seems to be blocking you.

For obvious reasons, it would seem a web designer would tell you (and I am one, hehe, but go with me here) that you ABSOLUTELY NEED A WEBSITE. IT IS THE FOUNDATION ON WHICH YOU BUILD A BUSINESS.

That’s actually a bit much.

That being said.

The bottom line is this…


If you don’t build it, THEY won’t come. {tweet me!}


For serious – think about these questions…

  • Is it your dream to run a business with a great web presence?
  • Do you want to work with clients near AND far?
  • Do you use social media? (If you do, you should be driving traffic somewhere and where else, but your website?)
  • Do you want people to find you organically on Google?

If you answered yes to those babies, then yeah, you could use a website.

I’ll be the first one to tell you that you need to have a handle on what you want your business to be before venturing online, but my whole process CONCEPT to CREATION is about that — we work together to fill in the blanks to create an image you really really love.

If you meet someone at a cocktail party, and you give them your email address @GMAIL.COM, you come off a little unprofessional. True?

If you meet someone at a cocktail party, and you give them your URL, you come off very Web 2.0. Yes, you are seriously committed to your business. AND you have somewhere concrete to send the person you just met.

Marketing is ALL about the what I call the THEN WHAT idea. First, a meeting. Then what? A visit to your website? A consultation? Then what? They bought your program and completed it. Then what? (See the pattern here?)

If you move toward the web as the place for your marketing, you also reap the benefits of how darn cheap it is to market yourself online. Social Media is essentially free marketing. And online advertising (when done right) is inexpensive. Heck, SEO is basically free too!¬†Websites are also built to be lead-generating machines (if designed with lead-generation in mind). You may not need a website to meet someone on the street that could be your client; but, when you’re in the midst of the work you do with your customers, wouldn’t it be helpful of your website to send a few prospects your way?


Why do YOU need a website?

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