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How to Close the Deal: A Lesson in Footing

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Watch this video to find out what you’ve been doing that sends your prospects heading for the hills after a consultation.

To find your footing…

1. Do a stream of consciousness write-up.

I encourage you to do this EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU ALREADY KNOW EVERYTHING. I know you, Ms. Know-it-All. No one has it ALL together. Even the best sales people. This exercise will stretch your sales muscles so do it up.

In the write-up, I want you to identify who you are, who you help (your target market), and what problem you help them solve. Spend time on each fragment of that until you could literally paint it on a canvas in front of you. Also write about your program and why your target market needs to urgently go buy it right now. Make it important, because it needs to be.

2. Practice doing consultations with friends. 

You should practice your sales technique before going into the trenches. That means calling up your best friend and trying out selling your product or program. Be serious though – no laughing.

At the end of the call, your friend may be able to give you bonus tips! They can tell you where you came on too strong and didn’t come strong enough.

3. Know that you’re WORTH IT.

Sometimes your footing isn’t in a lack of clarity in your business, but rather a fogginess about pricing. If you find yourself questioning your worth and your price point, quit it. Add value to your programs – get creative about that, but never slash your prices or you won’t make it in your business.

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