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Mission Statement Template – FREE For You!

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The key to client attraction (or if you are a nonprofit, creating buzz and getting more support) is 100% primarily based on your FOOTING. I did a big ole post about footing way back.

But basically when I say FOOTING, I’m referring to having an extremely solid and connectable MISSION STATEMENT. And even if you think your mission is stellar, if you hit a dry spell in your day to day, it is always a good idea to revisit it to make sure it really hits the groove of what you’re trying to do with your business or organization.

Having a solid MISSION makes it easy to…
– Sell your stuff with confidence
– Attract clients you actually like (this one makes more sense when you see the template)
– Give a convincing elevator speech about your business at networking events (or even when your weird Uncle Ned just wants to know what you’re up to)

A mission statement is something you should be CRYSTAL CLEAR about. And it’s also totally OK if you end up tweaking and pulling at it over and over again.


This template is just that – a BASIC outline. It’s not going to sound like Dickens wrote this after you fill in the blanks, so if you’re looking to give it flair, edit it using your own voice or hire a copywriter if writing scares you.

Mission Statement Template

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