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5 tips on how to get out of a funk

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When you go too fast, you end up…

  • Not appreciating the NOW of things.
  • Making mistakes along the way.
  • Not valuing your relationships with other people (not just clients).
  • Hating on yourself for not being the IT girl yet.

So to quit being such a Debbie Downer, take heed of my advice for how to get out of a funk.


If this is too hippy-dippy-hoo-ha for you, then try yoga. It’s basically meditation with movement. To meditate, you don’t need much except yourself and somewhere to sit. I personally like a good guided meditation. There’s a lot of really great ones available if you look up Gabby Bernstein’s podcast in iTunes. I use those ones all the time. They’re great if you have a short attention span and take as short as 2 minutes to do. But you will REAP seriously great benefits from doing this. After I do it, I feel way more focused, have a better attitude, and totally ready to tackle my to do’s.

Drink water

Drinking water can help flow oxygen to your brain. This sets off its own series of bennies – most importantly – you will think more clearly. And when you think more clearly, it is MUCH easier to feel happy. Water is also a good way to cleanse yourself if any part of you feels achey and icky.

Take a shower

Do you prefer to have water on you and not in you? LOL that was too fun to type. But seriously, take a break from your business/life and take a shower. I get GREAT thinking and me-time done in the shower. Just today, I was feeling kinda funky. I took a shower and BOOM – I became productive again.

Do something else

ANYTHING, really. Run errands. Go for a walk. Go to the gym. Call a buddy. Do anything but what you are doing right now. You have to change your rhythm. When you change your current behavior, it will be easier to change your current mood.

Allow yourself to smile

Don’t wallow. Just because you smile doesn’t mean your funk was meaningless or ‘less important’. You are SUPER entitled to being all woe-is-me every now and again. If you will agree that downward spirals are a signal that something else is wrong (in our life and business), then you should be grateful you have them. It’s just a sign you need to change things up.

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