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6 creative ways to make blogging even better

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Whenever I have blogger’s block, I usually hit up the Googz (my abbrev. for Google b-t-dubs) to get an answer to the pounding question, “But what do I write?” And then I remember…

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.

– Ernest Hemingway

The moment we get blogger’s block is the same moment we forget what writing is truly intended to be. Bleeding. NO, not literally, you masochist. Instead, think of blogging as letting everything go and just allowing words to come naturally to you. Don’t self-edit too quickly and don’t restrict too fast. Don’t think about hitting publish. Write.

Another stopping point can be when we think about blogs as having to MEAN something or that we’ve got to impress our audience. Thinking this way can make the very idea of putting the pen to paper (or fingers to keys) so overwhelming you end up writing nothing at all.

Here are 6 tips and online tools to help you power through.

1. Remind yo’self. Print out that Hemingway quote and tack it on the wall. You need to be reminded that blogging isn’t rocket science. It’s actually significantly easier than a million other tasks you already do during the day. (I mean for those of you who don’t have a Keurig, I marvel at your ability to make a good cup of coffee.) So if you can do THAT (whatever THAT is for you), you can do this too.

2. Alexandra Franzen’s post. So she’s cool, right? I actually never heard of her until today. But her post is pretty brill; she came up with 88 fill-in-the-blank blog post titles that you can feel free to use at your disposal. Love that!

lilbutton3. Distraction-free Mode. This one goes out to my WordPress bloggers. Ever notice that cute little button that sits right below the Visual and Text tabs? That button makes your blogging type-space in WordPress blow up super big so there’s nothing deterring you. They call this fancy little button “Distraction-Free Mode”. SUPER helpful. For added awesomeness, I recommend clicking this and then hitting the F11 button on your keyboard to make it go full-screen. To go back to normal, you can just hit the Escape (Esc) key usually located top left on your keyboard.

4. Writer Igniter. This is from the awesome people at diyMFA, so as a tool, it is catered more to the fiction-writing crowd. That said, it helps me think of new ideas just the same and it’s rather addiction. When you simply click the Shuffle button, the website will generate a writing prompt for you.

Wondering how to make Writer Igniter work for your business using the above prompt? Here’s how it’d work for me… “5 ways to drive more sales” OR “How to reply to a cryptic client email” OR “This NEW tool is your business’s lucky penny.”


5. Review this old PDF from when I had REALLY different branding. It is 3 awesome ways you can banish blogger’s block (from an exceptionally old post I did). But the ways are timeless and you’ll probably love seeing my throwback logo!

6. Editorial Calendars. Ick. I know. I hate being this Type A. It’s actually not at all in my personality to plan so much or even STICK to a plan. But it IS important for you to force yourself to be more strategic with your content. There’s actually a WordPress plugin for this too! Check it out here.

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