Dedicated to the girl who gave me pizza - Liz Theresa
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Dedicated to the girl who gave me pizza

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The other night, I was picking up takeout for dinner at this amazing pizza place. I walked in and gave my name, “Pickup for Liz.”

The young girl behind the counter said, “Okay, $8.49 is your total.”

“No way,” I told her. I’d ordered enough food for four since we had company coming over that night. She searched and searched and insisted I must have it wrong or my name was wrong.

Soon, her manager came over. He actually said, “Are you Liz?” and practically forced the small cheese pizza (which I didn’t order, mind you) in my face.

“I’m not that Liz,” I reminded them. “I know what I ordered and it wasn’t that. But no harm done…” and I was turning to leave. Because, frankly, all of it was getting unnecessarily confrontational.

As I turned to go, the young girl at the counter says, “Wait. I found the order.” It turns out because more than one Liz ordered food that night, it got a little messed up in the chain of events and my order was never fulfilled.

I’m not the type to get upset about something so small. So I didn’t. I was super fine with it and told her no big deal (although it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if they threw in some extra garlic bread…) But anyways, such a small mistake is just what it is – a small mistake. In the big picture, especially given the year I’d had, a late pizza order was not at all concerning to me.

Her manager, on the other hand, was beyond consolation. In front of me and her other coworkers, he said things like…

  • How could you be so stupid?
  • I don’t even understand how taking an order is that difficult.
  • It’s not hard, but you screwed it up. And now she’s just standing there waiting.

I’m the she in that last example. It was horrible to watch this happen. And I wanted to interfere but, frankly, the entire episode was uncomfortable. Imagine if I was the kind of person who would be mad pizza was late — I’d be out of my mind!

I couldn’t even look the poor girl in the eye. She grew flush and left the podium for a few moments to regain her composure. All I could think to myself was that I would never run my business this way. I would never talk down to an employee for making an honest mistake. I also knew that my ideal client would NEVER behave how that man did. It was just so wildly inappropriate and disrespectful.

I think all of us have been standing in the same shoes that girl was at some job or in some class at some point in our lives. I just hope she knows she’s going to grow up and be so much more than the girl at the pizza counter.

So, now here I am. A few nights later and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what the young girl was thinking and feeling. So I want to remind her (and you, Entrepreneur)…

  • You are doing enough.
  • You are already making a difference in the world. A difference that has already rippled in a thousand different directions for the greater good.
  • You love enough and are loved far more than you can possibly imagine.
  • You’re already doing amazing things and it’s only going to get better from here.
  • You’re capable of things you haven’t yet allowed yourself to dream.


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