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The 3 Things You Need to Do When You First Start a Business

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If you’re reading this, you probably are about to start your business (or you tried to start it and then hit a wall because you had no idea what was coming next). Either way, I’m happy to “meet” you here, at least virtually, you know. I specialize in working with entrepreneurs in your exact shoes. (Well, maybe not your exact shoes. My clients where everything from Crocs to Coach flats.)

Sometimes, all you have is an idea written on a sticky note. And that’s fine, because with a little help and the right tools, you can make it into a reality. It helps to have a community of fellow entrepreneurs along for the journey with you too – check out Brazzlebox and create a free account to connect with others in the same position as you!

Below, I outline the top 3 things you need to get together before you start making the big bucks. Once you hammer these things out, I am sure you will feel a lot more comfortable selling your stuff.

1) Get really, really clear about why anyone would give you money.

Whether you are service based in your new business (a coach, consultant, “expert,” etc) or if you are creating a product, I can pretty much guarantee that it is crucial to know the answer to this question: what problem am I solving? And, once you know the answer to this, the answer you give is the baseline for your mission statement and the foundation for your brand messaging. Powerful, huh?

2) Hire someone to help you get clear on brand messaging.

Getting help during the branding process can seem as frivolous as buying a sports car or paying to fly first class, but like beautiful flowers and trees, your business also needs a solid and rich foundation on which to grow. A branding coach can help you establish that grounding, get clear on marketing your product or service, craft messaging that works, and give you the tools you need to keep moving.

3) Set up some basic business systems.

If this one sounds a little gibberish to you – I’m talking basic business systems – which is another way of saying you need to be clear about your process (sometimes called your “funnel.”) Try to plot out the customer-intake chain of events. In the example order of events written below, you would need to setup the following business systems:  an online calendar or scheduling software (Step 1), a phone number (Step 2), a payment gateway and form (Step 3), and the delivery of the actual goods (Step 4).

Step 1 – Customer schedules consultation with business.

Step 2 – Business closes the deal with the customer.

Step 3 – Business sends customer a link to make their payment, a service agreement (or sales receipt wherever applicable), and an intake questionnaire (if applicable).

Step 4 – Customer receives product or service.

Note: If you were ready to be more advanced than this, you might want to create a second version or “Part II” of the first product or service so the customer desires to buy again. Always think about ways of keeping them in your door and implement them.

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