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10 Things Entrepreneurs Do That Drive Me Crazy

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#1 – People who call themselves gurus, ninjas, rockstars, or anything of the like. Please stop because you sound ridiculous.

#2 – People who self-proclaim their work, business, or website to be revolutionary. So, to be revolutionary, you just need to decide that you are? Oh, okay. That clears that up. Thanks.

#3 – People who are so pretentious that they have an auto-reply on their email telling you that they only check email between 2 and 2:30pm Monday through Friday.

#4 – People who say they’re trying to, “work smarter, not harder.” The concept is great, but you’re a walking cliche.

#5 – People who keep me on their email list even though I tell them repeatedly to take me off their list.

#6 – People who say they’re looking for a rockstar or a ninja. Call the turtles. I’m out.

#7 – People who email you to ask if you’re free to talk. Right now.

#8 – People who communicate in all caps. (If you do this, I already know we will never work together.)

#9 – People who don’t want to pay you very much because the last person they hired was awful. Look, it wasn’t me who broke your website, but it is me (I?) who can fix it.

#10 – People who use Canva or Photoshop and assume that makes them qualified to sell graphic design services. OK, NO, LOL.

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