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Are you a perfectionist as an entrepreneur?

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Something that I’ve noticed happening quite a bit (in my clients’ lives and in my own) is that we put off pursuing things until they’re 100% thought-out and predetermined.

We do this in both our lives and our businesses. We simply want everything to “just be perfect” *first* (right?)

In truth, however, the entire reason we pursued entrepreneurship to begin with was to be FREE.

How can you be FREE when you add stipulations to what success looks like?

How can you feel FREE if you have already decided how your business and life was supposed to go?

(Hint: You can’t. And you don’t.)

Checking the boxes we’ve made up for our businesses doesn’t beget success. (Just like marrying someone who checked all the boxes for you doesn’t beget a happy marriage.)

When we wait to do something until it is perfect first, it goes against the very THING that drew us to entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is much more about the journey than the destination – it’s not just a saying. It’s absolutely true.

Your business is absolutely going to grow, adapt, and change. You might start to panic when you see that happen, but the best thing to do is to churn that frustration into creativity.

This means LOTS and LOTS of thinking.

Instead of mulling, hermit-ing, or insulating – write down everything you’re thinking. Write your dreams. Make them big. Make them messy. This will free up your thinking and get you feeling good and motivated again.



…puts your business in a box

…hinders creative thinking.

…places ceiling above your success.

Lean into the uncertainty, entrepreneur.

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