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3 Tips (You Don’t Already Know) to Creating Totally Awesome Video Content

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I’m so excited about my upcoming video series! With the success of Liz on Biz, I wanted to create a form of content that was just as impactful, but shorter in length, which covered some topics you may be interested in including but not limited to…
– Websites
– WordPress
– Online Marketing
– Social Media
– Productivity Apps and Tools
– Cyber Security
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This said, in the course of prepping my first video for release, I thought to myself, “Why, Golly! Gee. I bet my audience would like to know some of the tools and resources I turn to when creating video content.” So – VOILA.
I am outlining them below for your pleasure. If I missed any tools, hit me up @LizTheresa because I’d love to know your trade secrets!

#1 – iMovie or Windows Live Movie Maker

Mac or PC? Doesn’t matter in this case! In my PC days, I used to use Windows Movie Maker to make some awesome video content. Nowadays, I use iMovie on Mac – and believe it or not, iMovie is now free for download via the Mac App store. It was not formerly free – so if this is news to you, I am happy to be the one to break it.

If iMovie scares you, I absolutely recommend making a movie (for fun) and playing with the features they have. This will help you get used to the tools inside. And, if you’re doing it for funsies, you won’t feel so bad when making a mistake. You have to start somewhere with video – and really good video content only comes after creating some beginner’s bad video content. So dive in and have a laugh!

#2 – YouTube’s Audio Library

When you make videos, please, please, please use music with the proper commercial licensing. Public domain is a good example. This means avoiding Lady Gaga and relying on YouTube’s amazing Audio Library for music you need! What’s impeccable about YouTube’s library is that they went through commercial-use music in advance for you. Check it out here! They excluded any really bad music (as the larger libraries have plenty of this!) and included music that actually sounds normal in a video. They also tag and categorize their music according to genre and vibe (happy versus funky versus angry, etc.)

#3 – Fiverr for Video Intros and Outros

Ever wonder how seemingly normal humans have these fancy, beautiful video intros? THEY ACTUALLY SELL THOSE ON FIVERR. Yeah, I know. And guess what? They don’t suck. And they only cost $5! I kid you not. I’ve referred my clients to checking out Fiverr for this exact reason. Also – if you’ve never heard of this website, I totally recognize I may have just changed your life. Check it out here!

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