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These 3 Wonder Woman Weapons Boost Your Bottom Line

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I just saw Wonder Woman on its opening night with my boyfriend James. In between bites of Raisinets, I was totally wowed by how badass this woman really is! If looks could kill by themselves, Wonder Woman certainly wouldn’t need any weapons.

Watching this badass boss babe kick butt inspired me to share some business insight – you know, from the perspective of an incredibly gorgeous and powerful Amazonian princess. (Not to mention, goddess! She’s actually Zeus’ daughter if you did not know.)

Enjoy my business hacks below and let me know what you think!

#1 – The Lasso of Truth

My FAVORITE. Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth compels her enemies to be honest. Start thinking about how you can be more honest with your own customers! I’m talking about increasing transparency.

De-fogging the glass between you and your people is a great way to nurture the Like, Know, and Trust concept in marketing. The latter – if you’re not familiar – is the idea that getting your audience to feel like they Like, Know, and Trust you is the key to capturing and converting leads. (Hint: it’s totally a true and real thing.)

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Start each blog post with a personal anecdote or story. This will capture your audience’s attention, make you seem more relatable, and, hopefully, get them to engage with your content.

WHY DO IT: More conversions and more love between you and your target audience.

#2 – Her Traditional War Armor, Sword, and Shield

Wonder Woman can fight well with or without these items – but she fights better when she has them. Compare her traditional items with the business systems you currently have. If your first reply to me is, “Liz, I already have business systems! I have tons of them,” then you’re not hearing me.

What are the systems you have in place that keep your ship running efficiently? You should want to ideally use only one system or service for each part of your business. More isn’t better. It’s worse! Because then you’re not using each one efficiently.

I’m outlining some of mine below.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: For a complete list of all the tools in my business, you can opt into my list and I’ll send them to you. Yes, for real. They’re the 2nd gift you get when you sign up.

WHY DO IT: Automation saves you SOOOO much money and time. Only keeping the services you need (especially paid services) saves you time and money! On repeat. New-found time is a gift that keeps on giving.

#3 – Iconic Bracelets of Victory

These bracelets are actually unbreakable. (For realsies.) The way this makes me think about business is by protecting yourself and your assets. How can you make everything you’ve creates as indestructible as possible?


  • Hire legal counsel: Getting an attorney to write up any kind of documents that may be deemed necessary to protect the way you do business is a great way to protect your assets. Some examples of documents may include a Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, Disclaimer, Service Agreement. Getting an LLC is just the beginning, girl – so I highly recommend finding a trusted lawyer who can assist you with this stuff.
  • Get insurance: Call your local insurance agent and ask ’em about business insurance! If your business involves giving advice, ask about Error and Omissions policies as well (also known as E&O policies.)
  • Get a firewall: Installing a firewall on your site doesn’t cost a bajillion dollars, but it will protect your website and your sanity! Firewalls dramatically reduce the likelihood your data gets compromised or that you get hacked. I recommend Cloudflare. And sanity is worth the investment, trust me.
  • Enabling SSL encryption: You can actually get basic SSL certificates installed on your website for free. But if you want to be more serious about protecting data that passes through, I strongly advise you to consider an alternative from wherever your website is hosted. If you are a Dreamhost customer, you can get one for free that’s totally amazing. Worth every penny!

WHY DO IT: Protecting your business in a legal sense and performing risk-reduction saves you enormous losses later. You don’t want to be kicking yourself when it’s cheap to play it safe online.

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