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[Free Template] How to Create a Facebook Reaction Poll Image

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Wondering how to create a Facebook reaction poll image? If you’ve also been scouring Google about this, I’m so glad I’ve come into your life. These images are like a treasure trove of engagement on Facebook!

Images are worth a thousand bajillion words. Or, to be more exact, a thousand bajillion and one words. They reign supreme on Facebook because…

  • they’re nearly required to provoke a response in people since fewer and fewer humans like to read anything.
  • they’re WAY easier to make than videos (and you don’t even need to be a graphic designer.)
  • they’re a SUPER fun and effective way to engage with your audience.


I’m JK. I’m really rusty at dueling. Maybe next time, though!

But seriously I just did this reaction poll recently and shared it in a few Facebook groups. I got engagement without even asking a very controversial question.

How to Create a Facebook Reaction Poll Image


Because a “reaction” on Facebook takes only like two seconds, users are super willing to offer a like or a love – way more likely to do that than comment or share.

Based on my experience, my audience is at least 4x more likely to like something than they are to comment on it.


STEP ONE – Come up with a GREAT question!

If I had a Delorean, I’d go back in time and ask a way more provocative question. I was just testing things out when I created my first reaction poll image. Even with a blah question though, like I said, I still got results.

Here are the 2 keys to creation a compelling question:

  • Make it provocative. It doesn’t need to show a little leg, but it does need to be a hot-button issue your people care about. I don’t recommend asking something political (since it’s REALLY not my style) – but I do recommend thinking about what makes your people tick, and asking a question accordingly.
  • Make sure you give two options. I’m a big fan of asking EASY questions. If you give people too many options, they can get paralyzed with wondering how to answer.
  • Make sure it makes logical sense. To test this little theory, ask an actual client, colleague, associate, assistant, or friend to answer the question. If they don’t get it – go back to the drawing board.

STEP TWO – Once you have a fabulous question, download my FREE Canva template below.

I made a template to make learning how to create a Facebook reaction poll image easy for you!!! Fill out the form at the bottom of this post to get it. You’ll also get all of the Facebook reaction images in case you prefer some over others in your template.

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