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[FREE TUTORIAL] Hand-picked IFTTT Hacks To Help You Stop Working, Start Automating

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I recently found out my readers’ biggest pain point is burnout.

Burnout isn’t a new concept to you, of course. It’s very likely you’re either experiencing it right now or that you’ve felt it in the past. An article I read described burnout as a condition we feel when our needs aren’t being met in at least one of the following areas: workload, control, reward, community, fairness, and values.*

Now, I don’t know about you – but when I see the word workload in that context, I totally picture the dilemma entrepreneurs continually face – that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything on that to do list.

Then I thought to myself, “How can I help people find more time in the day?”

I realized the efficiency-boosting, sleeping giant in my business is IFTTT.

I call it a sleeping giant because though its impact on my day to day is huge, I almost never think about it. IFTTT is, after all, a free service and requires little to no maintenance once you get your stuff all set up.

IFTTT, if you haven’t heard of it before, is a free web app that automates different parts of your business through what it calls automation “applets.” The letters IFTTT literally stand for If This, Then That – which, if you’re new to the idea of automation, is pretty much the easiest way to describe it.

Automation applets (formally called “recipes”) require one part triggering event (If This) and one part automated task (Then That).

Here’s some things I use IFTTT for as well as some other automations I think you’ll totally love. If you wanna skip to start making your own custom automations, you should check out the handy dandy tutorial video at the bottom of this post.

Facebook Live – Automatically post it to all your other channels when you’re officially live.

When I go live on Facebook, I actually have an automation setup in IFTTT to send a tweet to Twitter with my Facebook URL as well as some text indicating to my Twitter followers that I’m live. I have a second applet that lets me do the same thing with my Linkedin account. Let’s face it – when you’re live on Facebook, the last thing you want to do is manually send a tweet telling people you’re live. Who wants to watch someone tweet? I sure don’t!

NOTE: this automation runs every fifteen minutes. So it isn’t an immediate automation, but if you’re hosting a live event of some substance (ie. something that lasts more than 10 minutes), these applets are absolutely handy and great to have!

Check out the applet for Facebook Live to Twitter!

Check out the applet for Facebook Live (via Facebook Pages) and Linkedin!

Automatically store your client service agreements as PDFs in a folder in Google Drive.

This one is probably the most amazing one ever! Back in the beginning stages of my business, I actually used to manually print and sign agreements – and that took freaking forever. Eventually, I went digital and set up my own self-hosted client forms system (right on my website) that would let clients submit the information online to have a PDF generated by my website (with the filename being the client’s name), copies emailed automatically to each of us, and a PDF copy downloaded to my Google Drive folder of Signed Agreements.

You don’t need to have your own form system to be all fancy though! You can actually use any methodology you want. The magic really comes into play when your client emails you the Service Agreement PDF back all signed. Using Gmail, you can simply drag their email onto a “label” or “folder” named Signed Agreements (you have to create this in your Gmail account) and then the automation will copy the attached file in that email you dragged to a given folder in your Google Drive.

IFTTT lets you set it up with whichever labels and folders you like! This function can be used for more than just service agreements. Any kind of attachment that you’d like to back up and keep a copy of is totally something that can work with this applet. It just needs to start with Gmail Labels/Folders and then any attached file will end up in the Google Drive folder of your choosing.

Check out the applet for New Email Attachments from Gmail to Google Drive!

Non-sleazy Social Media Automation

Because Facebook and Instagram are my social media channels of choice, it means that I spend way less time on Twitter and Linkedin. I’m really casual on those two networks – so to maintain a heartbeat, I automate my Instagram activity to those two channels. This increases engagement with my content and allows me to reach exponentially more eyes without even trying! What’s wonderful is that IFTTT’s automation between these networks appears almost natively on those sites – so it doesn’t look like you’re a lazy bum who didn’t have the patience or time to log in and post manually.

Check out the applet for Instagram to Twitter!

Check out the applet for Instagram to Linkedin!

Some Other Automations I Think Sound Helpful, But I Don’t Use:

This one would be great if you were tracking a specific conversation! Or, if you’re like me, you love being told when you got paid. So I’d probably create an automated label for any emails from Stripe that could push a notification to me when I got paid. I can’t be the only one who gets excited about money, right?

Check out this applet!


As soon as your brand (or personal name!) is mentioned on Reddit you’ll get an email notification. When it’s Reddit, that could really go either way – but you can be sure you’d wanna know about it.

Check out this applet!


Who doesn’t like good news? I don’t use MailChimp, but I know many of you do. Hearing about new subscribers in real-time is fun – so this applet is definitely a winning one.

Check out this applet!



*Cooper, Belle B. “What Causes Burnout and How to Overcome It.” 03 March 2017. Lifehacker. Click here for the full article.

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