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[Shopping List] What You Need to Create Videos

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Wondering what you need to create videos for your business? If you wanna make Facebook Live, YouTube, or video, in general, part of your content marketing strategy, then take a look behind my lens at what I use to make great videos.

Full disclosure: I also asked my buddy and client Breanne Kallonen for her video tips since she always looks so swanky on camera – so some of these gems come from her.

Part of making video is embracing your imperfections – so get out of your own head. Just like Bobby Klinck said in my most recent podcast interview, “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”

#1 – iPhone (or any other high-end smartphone)

This day and age, smartphones can record video at such a high-quality that you really don’t need to go out and buy a fancy camera to do video work. If you’re a shop-aholic, this news may bum you out – but if you already love your phone, I give you permission to fall more deeply in love.

LIZ TIP: Make sure your phone is on silent mode, vibrate is off, and that you set it to night mode so your video doesn’t get interrupted by a phone call or text message.

#2 – Good Lighting (Try a Ring Light!)

A ring light setup. (Photo taken by Breanne!)

This is Breanne’s secret to looking amazing on camera! She’s gorgeous anyway, but, in the words of Michelle Pfeiffer (she really said this by the way), “My secret to beauty is good lighting.” Getting a Ring Light setup will take your video situation from amateur hour to OMG in a few easy steps.

To get all set up, you’ll need…

LIZ TIP: Always wear lipstick on camera since it will punch you up just enough to give you a more polished look. Do this even if you don’t normally wear makeup.

#3 – Lapel Microphone with Extension Cable

I’m personally a stickler for improved sound quality – and it’s especially necessary if you’re recording video outdoors. iPhones have come a long way at improving the way they pick up audio, but I recommend getting a lapel mic just the same. For newer iPhone users who don’t have the headphone jack, you’ll need to plug your dongle into your iPhone and then plug the lapel microphone into the dongle. The extension cable is essential in case you don’t want to make out with the light and the camera (because lapel mic cords are usually pretty short.)

To use it, you just clip it to your shirt and off you go!

For your audio, you’ll need…

LIZ TIP: Make sure to not wear any clanky jewelry (loopy earrings or lariat necklaces) as that could interfere with the mic.

#5 – Editing Software

This is pretty simple! Most of you will be fine using iMovie (Mac users) or Movie Maker (Windows/PC users). Rome wasn’t built in a day so expect a learning curve. Practice makes perfect!

LIZ TIP: Make sure you include your name / byline when you first appear. Yes, even if this is your own video. Also, include your URL at the end after you fade out using a title screen.

#6 – A Professional, Animated Intro

I highly recommend doing this for YouTube videos or any branded videos you put out. You can snag an intro for as little as $5 on Fiverr.

LIZ TIP: The intro to my trailer video was done on Fiverr. Check it out here!

#7 – Subdued Background Music

There’s nothing worse than talking into the camera – and being like, “Here’s my video. Watch it, you jerk!” OK, so maybe it’s not quite like that for you – but giving yourself some very light background music will make you a bit easier to listen to.

LIZ TIP: Background music can also help eliminate any static / white noise sound naturally. 

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