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How to Get People to Read Your Newsletter [5 Tips]

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Let’s face it! The world is overwhelmed by email. We’re totally buried! That’s why I wanted to write a quick post to help you get heard above the noise. There are 3 critical factors in play when it comes to increasing the percentage of people who open your emails (AKA increasing your “open rate.”)


A great subject line is a lot like a great headline. It should be zippy (to the point) and tease what will be included newsletter itself. Look at some headlines in online newspapers for inspiration to see how they format them! These are often great subject lines. I also highly recommend running your subject lines through the AMI Headline Strength Tester.


If you’re a personal brand, use your name. If you’re a business, use your business name. Make sure people know it’s you! This tip might seem super obvious, but people mess up from names all the time.
Also – if you are a business with a formal name, but have someone who is the face of your business, consider tweaking your subject line to be in this format: [NAME] at [BUSINESS NAME]. This jogs the reader’s memory and increases the likelihood that they’ll open because they may be more familiar with the face’s name than the name of the business.
REMEMBER: the decision to open an email happens in a split-second. That’s why all this little stuff ends up making the difference.


Depending on the person’s inbox, aside from the from name and the subject line, they will often see a preview of the email newsletter content. This is a GREAT place to continue the tease by encouraging them to open and see what’s inside.

Someone who does an amazing job at this is Kohl’s. They don’t just send sale emails – they actually send “MYSTERY” Sale Promotions that require you to not only open the email, but click to the website to find out what your mystery offer is.

Admittedly, I take the bait almost every time – even when I have absolutely no reason to be shopping at Kohl’s or buying anything at all. LOVE this trick.

Even if you’re writing a more traditional email newsletter, think about how you can tease the content inside. What about your content is valuable? How can you tease it without giving it away in the subject line?

For me, I recently sent an email with my wedding photos. I teased that there were photos in the subject line and every nosy Nelly wanted to see what I’d worn. All I teased were PHOTOS. I’m sure you have more value than that in your newsletters, so get creative!


Most email marketing platforms actually show you how to authenticate your from email address during the sign up process. If you aren’t sure you’ve done this, it can negatively impact your open rates. To confirm your email is authenticated, you should ask your web developer or contact the support team at the email marketing solution you use just to make sure.


No one talks about this, so that’s why I’m including it quickly here. If you’re a new business, this won’t affect you. If you’ve sent emails before though to anyone who may have marked you as spam, it can actually impact your “domain authority.” Domain Authority is a term used to describe your website’s reputation. If you do get marked as spam frequently (or if you did at one time), it can likewise soil your good name (so to speak) by increasing the likelihood newsletters will go to spam.

The way around this is to change the FROM email address of your newsletters to a brand new name that doesn’t have a sordid past of being marked as spam. This workaround is great for recovering cold-emailers who want to genuinely connect with their audience.

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