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How to Write More Effective Subject Line Copy [5 Tips]

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(Read this in Oprah’s voice: You get an email, you get an email, everybody get’s an email!)

Too bad it’s emails and not cars, right?

That’s exactly how most people feel about their inbox! SO MANY EMAILS!


Effective subject lines are the #1 most impactful way to boost your open rate.

So, today we’re focusing on subject lines, but if you wanna see other ways of boosting your open rates, I have a more detailed post on my website here.

Tip # 1 – DO write a great headline.
A great subject line is a lot like a great headline. It should be zippy (to the point) and tease what will be included newsletter itself. Look at some headlines in online newspapers for inspiration in how they format them! These are often great subject lines. I also highly recommend running your subject lines through the AMI Headline Strength Tester. (Bookmark this for later >>

Tip #2 – DON’T use words like FREE or SALE.
Using these in your subject line (and in the body of your email) is more apt to send your email to spam. This means you need to find creative ways to communicate with your people.

Tip #3 – DO use the words you and yourself – and merge tags! Action words also work better too. 🙂
Using the word YOU anywhere in your copy is a really simple way to get the recipient to feel that you’re actually communicating with them! If you feel up to it, you can actually include your recipients first name in the subject line using something called merge tags. Note that you can only do this if you’ve collected everyone’s first name – but it makes a huge difference in your open rates.

Tip #4 – DO use subject line jewelry.
I can’t take credit for whoever came up with that term – I honestly read it somewhere on the Internet. But the meaning is this — if you can use emojis in your subject line (in a non-obnoxious way), do it. Anything you can do to decorate how you show up in someone’s inbox is a good idea. Another form of jewelry is when you see brackets like [pics inside!] or [open for deets] in a subject line. Brackets also increase open rates and can be viewed as if they’re subject line jewelry.

Tip #5 – DON’T forget to send yourself a test.
You’ll wanna see how your subject line stacks up when you see the email in your inbox on your phone versus your desktop.

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