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6 Pages Every Website Needs

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Did you know?

The number of pages here (6) is also the maximum number of menu items you should have in the main menu of your website! Why six? Psychologically, studies show that if users see more than 5 or 6 options, they’re overwhelmed and can’t make a decision.

Without further ado, your pages!



The most important page of your website! You need to make sure you’re effective here. If you think of your website as your 24/7 salesperson, what changes should you make on your homepage in order to increase your conversions?

On your homepage, you need to do 2 things…

1 – Make it extraordinarily clear who you are as a business, who you help, and the problem that you solve. (You actually need to do this on every page.)

2 – Ensure your #1 Call to Action is easy to get to and uses sharp, compelling language to encourage users to follow through.



This is the second most visited page of your website, after your homepage! Think about it – logically, after you meet someone you like, you wanna get to know them. The same logic applies to the user who comes to your homepage – they see you, they want to know more, so they go to your about page.

Your about page should do 2 things…

1 – Repeat here who you are, who you help, and the problem your business solves.

2 – Talk about the user (the target audience) before you talk about yourself. Yes, you write about their thoughts, behaviors, and experiences before sharing yours. On a date, it’s the same reason you ask your date to talk about themselves before you talk about yourself! It’s polite and keeps them engaged.

That’s why good copy includes phrases like… “You’re in the right place if…” or “I totally understand you feel…” Because the purpose is to make sure the user feels comfortable and that you ‘get’ them.



Yes, you wanna make sure you explain your value proposition! HOW you solve the person’s problem is of the utmost importance here.

If you’re a service-based business, you need to explain your program or course. If you’re a consultant, don’t just say you offer consulting. That’s not compelling. Tell me what consulting looks like. That’s why people have things like “coaching programs” – because they explain HOW you can help someone.

If you are a product-based business, you need your SHOP! And believe it or not, your business is not exempt from solving the user’s problem. Let’s say you sell clothes and shoes to women. HOW are you different than your competition? WHO is your store for?

People who shop at LOFT would be less likely to shop at ModCloth – and that’s because both companies have dramatically different targets. Think about who your customer is – and how you can make sure they know they’re in the right place.



The only time I’ll tell you you’re allowed to skip having a blog or writing content is if you tell me you’re going to completely avoid online marketing.

The strength and effectiveness of your social media presence depends quite a lot on the quality of your website content!

Blogs provide VALUE to your audience, increase TRUST, and boost LIKABILITY. ‘Nuff said.



Put your money where your mouth is! If you have happy customers, you need to provide social proof of that. I take little screen caps when people say nice things about me on social media and my clients actually have provided me a slew of video testimonials (see here >> liztheresa.com/praise.) People hire me because I appear to be a trusted service provider in my field – and because I have the happy words and faces to back that up.

Even if you are a product-based business, happy words still go a long way – so be sure to enable reviews on your site of your products and feature your customers using your products!



Make sure you make this page easy to find and that you use a contact form on your website! Sounds simple, but people LOVE forms. So listing your info isn’t enough.

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