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How to Drive Traffic to Your Website [4 Tips]

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So maybe you want more traffic to your site, but you feel like you’ve squeezed every last ounce out of your social media efforts?

You’ll be stoked to find out social media is just ONE of several different ways you can focus on driving traffic.



Obvious, but worth noting. Getting traffic on your site will be 12 million (exactly) times easier if you have valuable content there to promote.

For the occasional client of mine who refuses to blog, they’re not the same clients that care about traffic. Because you can’t care about traffic but abstain from providing your users with valuable content. The two just do not go hand in hand.



Email – not social media – is STILL the most direct way to market online because email is the most direct form of online communication.

Every time I send an email to my list, my traffic spikes because I’m offering my users the latest stuff I have to share. Email marketing encourages REPEAT visitors – which are actually the most powerful type of web visitor! Repeat visitors to your site are WAY more likely to convert, make a purchase, or just-plain do something – because they’ve shown a previous, vested interest in your brand.

DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THIS TIP – not sending newsletters to your clients is beyond silly. Consider your email list like a pile of money sitting on a table. You not emailing them is like just watching the money instead of taking it. Email converts BEST with calls to action – so please take my advice. (You’ll legit thank me later.)



That’s an umbrella term for these things I want you to do more of:
– Guest blogging for a site with a similar demographic (that lets you have a link to your site in your bio next to your byline)
– Getting published (hopefully on a site with a similar demographic) with a link back to your website
– Being quoted in someone else’s article (hopefully with a similar demographic) with a link back to your website
– Being interviewed on a blog (hopefully with a similar demographic) that links back to your site
– Being interviewed on a podcast (hopefully with a similar demographic) that also links back to your site

What’s the common theme in this tip?

– Getting featured somewhere (good PR!)
– Being exposed to a new pool of people that fit your target customer or demographic
– Getting a link back to your website

Referral linking can be HUGELY powerful in driving traffic! Every time I get published, I can see the number uptick and the proof that it comes from the outlet. And that’s because when you SHARE YOUR VALUE in the right places with the right audience, it can pay for itself in dividends! The people reading your GENIUS will have a more VESTED INTEREST in what you have to say – so it is no wonder they’ll wanna go to your website to find out more!



Although my friend Dash of Social offers this, I can definitely give you some foundation 101 tips on SEO.

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, describes how effectively your site is crawled by Google.

– Ensure you have Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools setup and installed for your website. (Webmaster Tools monitors your crawled status, sitemap, and site health – so it’s just good to do!)
– If you use WordPress, I suggest using a backend dashboard widget so you can see traffic by logging into your website (instead of having to log into Google Analytics directly.)
– If you log into Google Analytics, note that you should use Firefox or Safari since it doesn’t load in Chrome. Don’t ask why – I don’t know.
– Start running monthly reports on your numbers so you can monitor which traffic-driving efforts are working the best and which types of content are resonating the most with your audience (so then, you know how to spend your time online!)
– Claim all your brand pages on all social media networks and ensure they’re consistent with each other (name / URL / image wise) as these pages boost SEO when they are consistent and linking to your website.
– Claim all directory listings on sites like Google Places and Yelp – and ensure you optimize them by requesting reviews and filling them out as much as possible.

Once you do the foundational work, if you still wanna work on using SEO as a primary traffic driver, you’d want to hire a company like Ashley’s to do something called Keyword Research. Keyword Research is the act of finding keywords to use in your site (in certain ways – so don’t try this at home – because you will likely inadvertently upset Google by doing this incorrectly.) The keywords a company like Ashley’s would likely select would be…

LOW COMPETITION (not have a lot of sites vying for the top spots)
HIGH SEARCH VOLUME (lots of people search this term, but not a lot of sites have an answer for it)

NOTE: that while SEO is awesome, the value of the user is a little different than the value of someone who comes to your site from EMAIL MARKETING or REFERRAL LINKING. With SEO, you wanna get as MANY people as possible to come to your site in order to make it work for you! So that’s why you probably need an Ashley in your corner 🙂

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