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3 Tips to Find More Time + More Fulfillment

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A simple way to find more time is to actually *DO* -less- stuff.

***** (Oh sheeeet, did I really just say that?)

It’s so true though! When we feel like we get NOTHING done, it’s often because we’re spending time performing low-energy activities!

Low-energy activities may include…

– Replying to dumb emails (dumb being the keyword here)
– Doing the dishes or cleaning your house
– Shopping online (JK – this is a high energy activity for me)
– Administrative tasks like billing or managing your calendar
– Editing your website (if this is something you don’t enjoy)
– Tasks that are part of the work you do – but definitely your least favorite tasks you have to do


You have just received a glorious permission slip to SKIP the garbage you don’t like to do.

You: “But Dearest Liz, how do I ever-eth escapeth the hustle and bustle of these tasks that I hateth?”

3 Ways My Beautiful Friends…


If you took my time audit challenge (and yes I’m going to belabor the point about why you really need to do this if time is becoming an issue for you – see more at http://lizt.cc/TimeAudit), then you’re already razor-clear on the stuff you hate to do!

The stuff we don’t like to do leaves us feeling terrible and tired – LOW energy!

Find those low energy things and DELEGATE them.

Yes, you can afford it. And why am I so sure?

I was hesitant when I hired my first person – because I thought to myself – man – I better make enough money to pay them!

Now I pay them a retainer – and they’re very happy to stay. In fact, hiring the RIGHT people means you make WAY more money because you have more time to focus on sales and convert prospects into paying customers. It’s the truth, so drink it up.

What can you delegate today??


What tasks, responsibilities, projects, and clients have you been saying YES to that make you feel like crap?

This is stuff you need to get off your plate – by either delegating or disentangling yourself from these situations.

You never wanna say yes to everything that comes your way (unless you’re Jim Carrey ~ in the movie Yes Man) because it’s the same thing that gets you feeling scattered. People pleasers, especially need to beware of this because you guys can’t resist trying to help others and make everyone happy.

Say YES to things that light you up – and the work will flow more quickly and easily.


Contrary to what you might think, scheduling fun does NOT take the fun out of fun! Unscheduled fun is something that might actually be less fun because it makes you feel like you’re totally blowing off work.

When you pen (not pencil) fun activities and self-care into your calendar, you’re more likely to stick to it and this will go a long way toward making you feel a bit more balanced.

Of course, like I mentioned yesterday in a comment to one of you, BALANCE itself is going to ALWAYS be elusive. No one in the world is perfectly balanced. But, BALANCE is something you should always shoot for because at least the “trying” will keep your flame from burning out.

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