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Is Podcasting Right For You? [3 Qs to Ask Yourself]

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Whether you’re looking to be a guest or host your own show, let’s go over podcasting from a logistical standpoint.

Just because someone is a good painter doesn’t mean they’re also a good *sculptor* or *writer.*

Similarly, just because someone is a good basketball player doesn’t mean they’ll also be a good baseball player. (Sorry Michael Jordan.)

In your case, not every medium for creating valuable content is created equal for *every* *single* *entrepreneur.* Good bloggers don’t always make good podcasters – and the reverse is also completely true!

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#1 – Do you have the gift of gab?

If you’re a smooth talker who communicates easily with others (and you don’t consider yourself -painfully- shy), podcasting is as simple as THAT – talking! Bonus points if you also have a naturally great sense of humor – it makes your show way better.

I LOVE to talk and I’m pretty comfortable with speaking – which is why, for a long time, I also kept coming back to video marketing. Blame it on my theatre background!

Note that I said I’m comfortable speaking. This said, I still get pretty nervous at speaking gigs. Podcasting, though, *doesn’t* make me nervous simply because it’s just a 1:1 conversation with another person.

#2 – Do you LOVE personable effect video marketing has on your business? Do you want that amazing effect without having to learn how to produce videos, sit still, and look pretty?

The PROBLEM I had with video marketing is that videos can get expensive to produce. I don’t mean financially – I’m talking about TIME!

Time, for all of us I know, is a precious commodity. Recording a video might take 20 minutes – but then you have to edit the video, save the file, design the thumbnail, and upload it yourself. THEN, you have to market it. Phew. (NOTE: video can be an amazing medium if you hire the right person to help you out so it doesn’t suck up all the time in your life.)

Another issue with video is the pressure of being on display. In a video, your ego is going to criticize the hair that’s out of place or the eye roll you didn’t think the camera would see. Of course, in a podcast (and most podcasts are audio-only), if your nose is itchy, you can go ahead and scratch it and avoid being criticized for it Seinfeld-style.

#3 – Do you wanna touch your audience in a personal way?

Video marketing and podcasting both do this! Look – blogging is amazing. Blogs paved the way for video and podcast marketing to even become a thing! This said, the act of reading a blog is *much* more passive, and therefore less engaged, than the experience of listening to a podcast or watching a video.

People simply hearing you speak goes a long way toward building your Like, Know, and Trust factor with your audience. And when you build up that factor, everything else follows suit (more clients, cashflow, leads.)

#4 – Do you want lots more traffic?

Full disclosure: my blog DOUBLED my web traffic. Yes, doubled. I’m not exaggerating or giving you a bold statement here to up the drama. It’s just true!

Why do you think this happened? Well, when you start creating content in a way that’s more natural for your personality, the quality of your content becomes supremely up-leveled.

For me, I originally relied on my blog to drive traffic – and I’d have some posts hit the right notes and some posts fall on deaf hears. I’m a great writer! I’m also a copywriter. But even I would experience a little blog burnout.

For inquiring minds, symptoms of BLOG BURNOUT include…
– Feeling like you don’t know what to write anymore.
– Procrastinating creating content altogether.
– Apathy about your own content when your traffic seems to slump.

If this sounds like you – you seriously need to change up your content marketing medium to something else. It doesn’t even need to be podcasting – but try to imagine the most natural way you express yourself. What way of expression and creativity gets you most jazzed? Focus THERE! THAT is your medium. And when you find your Magic Medium, everything else follows suit.

#5 – Do you wanna expand your network dramatically and learn from brilliant people?

Yes, there’s definitely a cool factor of being in the iTunes store. I can’t deny that. This aside, an amazing unintended consequence of my show is the gift of connecting to brilliant entrepreneurs I’d otherwise may have never met.

The expansion of your network certainly depends on your show format. My show Liz on Biz is an interview-format show. Connecting to other entrepreneurs is an incredible consequence of having a show like this! These people can become amazing partners and friends – and, in the lonely lifestyle of entrepreneurship, you really can’t have too many friends.

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