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How to Start a Podcast: What to Know [Part 1 of 2]

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So you think you might wanna start a podcast? THEN, THIS POST IS FOR YOU!

Full disclosure: my podcast is my FAVORITE part of my business. It’s my absolute favorite medium for producing high-quality content targeted to my audience and the benefits I’ve REAPED from podcasting have far exceeded my expectations about it.

Before you do get into the iTunes store or even start branding your show, you have a few super important questions to answer…


– Who is this show for? (Target demographic?)
– What is the ideal outcome the show will have for the target demographic? (AKA – what’s the point of your show?)
– What is your format going to be? (Solo shows versus interview format versus a joint show with another brand?)
– How long will each episode be?
– What is your frequency going to be?


Knowing who the show is for and the ideal outcome (aka – what is the point of your show) is critical information when you go to brand your show and when you think about ensuring the content is appropriate and can meet their needs. When I say brand your show, I’m talking about naming it and coming up with an image / logo that works.

This said, don’t put so much pressure on that external face-value stuff. Your name doesn’t have to 100% describe every detail of the show’s mission or its audience, but it should be relevant, roll off the tongue with ease, and be targeted. My show name, Liz on Biz, fulfills all three parts of that rule. In fact, my developer Zack was the one who thought of the name one day out of the blue! (You never know where or when you’ll get good ideas!)


As I shared above, selecting a format that fits in your comfort zone is HUGE. Some examples of common formats are listed below…
– Interview
– Solo
– Two cohosts talking about a topic

I opted for the interview format – and my spin on this format is that my shows are all free-flowing, natural conversations. No one comes on and gets to be their own commercial. (Not this show, sorry.) I only invite people who value deep connection and are willing to be personal with me.

Another huge value of interview format shows is the support you get with marketing your podcast! The guest typically promotes their episode which is going to drive traffic to you and get you more fans and leads.

Many successful podcasters also choose to blend these formats! It all depends on your comfort level. It’s my opinion that it’s better to select one format to keep things simple, set proper expectations, and increase familiarity with your audience.


I like short, breezy 30ish-40ish minute episodes rather than the hour long conversations you’ll find on most shows. This length feels right for me for two reasons. One, because at this point in the conversation, I’m usually running out of steam. And two, because it’s approximately the time it takes people to commute to work or to wherever they go during the day. I try to fit into people’s days as best I can and, truthfully, I feel like the hour long shows aren’t even the ones I opt to listen to. Less is more! Quality over quantity.


When I talk about frequency, I’m referring to how often you’ll be releasing a new episode. Some important factors to consider when making a choice about frequency…

#1 – You wanna choose a frequency you can stick to in order to reduce overwhelm and set yourself up for success.

#2 – You wanna be sure to choose SOMETHING since it will hold you accountable to your audience and set proper expectations. So no – even you creative types – you gotta avoid just releasing episodes at random. This way, people will look forward to a new episode of your show the way you used to look forward to watching Friends on Must-See TV Thursday on NBC – you know – back in the day.

#3 – Are you hoping to monetize your show in the form of sponsorships? If so, you want to release episodes as much as you can (at least 2x per week would be ideal in this case.) Initially, I’d wanted to monetize my show through sponsorships, but couldn’t keep up with the pace. Now, I deliver episodes weekly. Quality over quantity!

#4 – Monthly is the absolute minimum. I think monthly is even a bit sparse for releasing new content for your audience because there’s too much space in between for you to lose their attention. I’m a big fan of doing weekly shows – or, if that’s too much for you, bi-weekly (every other week.)

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