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How to Start a Podcast: What to Buy [Part 2 of 2]

I may receive a commission if you purchase something mentioned in this post. Read the disclaimer for more info.

Calling All Budding Podcasters! ????

I love making shopping lists for entrepreneurs who have big dreams – especially if these dreams involve podcasting!! Let’s blame it on my combined love of both shopping and business. (You’d be very not-surprised to learn I work alongside quite a few entrepreneurs who are fashion creatives.) ?

If you do wanna start a podcast, aside from getting your logistics and show straight (as the other post I made discussed), you’re going to need some stuff to actually record, edit, and publish your show. The tools I recommend are below. And yes, some of these are affiliate links which means if you buy something, I do get commission on it. So, thanks in advance if you do go ahead and do that! ?

(And then a lot of these are free… ?)


My Preferred Tools:
Skype –
Ecamm Call Recorder for Skype –
Blue Snowball Mic –
Pop Filter –

More Information:

Podcasts can be recorded with any voice recording software. However, I highly recommend using voice recording software that records in high definition (HD) audio.

FACT: phones are SD and provide audio recordings using *standard definition.* This means relying on to record your shows will degrade your quality because it records well, but only in standard definition.

If you want the fresh, clear, crisp quality of HD, you’re going to want to use one of the following platforms to set up your recording…

– Skype – This is what I use. It’s a great way to perform free HD audio calls. I simply disable my webcam for interviews to give people privacy and focus on the conversation. Skype does *not* have recording built-in, so to do your recordings, you’ll need Ecamm Call Recorder for Skype (a $29 one time software fee.) You can get it here >>
– Zoom – A lot of people use this. Paid service. High quality and has recording functionalities built-in, but I find the software annoying. I also don’t like asking people to install something just to be on the show. Most people already use Skype, so it’s a bit more convenient.

Other platforms that provide HD audio (just so you can hear the difference), but *do not* offer audio recording include FaceTime (iPhone only), QuickTime (Mac Users), and Google Hangout. This last one may have audio recording capabilities via additional software, but I’ve honestly never explored this further.

As far as mics go, I use the Snowball. But – there are a lot of people who hate it – so if you Google, you might see other mics being recommended and I have no strong feelings about it other than that I like my mic.

You’ll also need a Pop Filter – they’re all mega cheap. A pop filter simply protects your mic from spit. It also (per the product description on the one I recommend…) “…eliminates the dreaded hissing and lisping sounds that come when pronouncing the letter ’S,’ blocks those ugly ‘plosives’ that follows ‘B’ and ‘P’.”


My Preferred Tool:
Audacity (Free) –

More information:
The approach to editing a show totally depends on your personality. Are you a perfectionist? Do you intend to remove every um, hm, and like? If so, editing is going to be a time-consuming adventure for you.

Do you simply wanna add your intro and outro and call it a day? That is literally all I do. Granted, editing still takes up some time (approximately 30ish minutes per show for me to edit, splice, and upload to my website) – but it’s not horrible.

I do intend to outsource my editing to a professional. It’s surprisingly affordable, so if editing has you rolling your eyes, some amazing contacts for podcast editing are listed below. Note that I haven’t hired these people but they’ve been recommended to me before…

Tom Hanson from KNVP Studios >>
Robin from Be Social, Get Success >>
Jess from Easy Peasy Studio >>


My Preferred Tools:
Seriously Simple Podcasting –
Seriously Simple Stats (Add-on) –

Everyone and their mom has an opinion about the best publishing tools for your podcast. If you Google it, brace yourself for a hurricane of opinions. There’s no *wrong* answer here per se, but it’s easy to get swept away and spend a ton of money on podcast hosting companies that have a good brand and reputation.

These tools are paid and are really great hosts: Libsyn, Blubrry, SoundCloud. Of the paid tools, I like SoundCloud the best for its affordability and ease of use.

Personally, though, I use Seriously Simple Podcasting + Stats, which is a free, but non-junky plugin for WordPress. All of my episodes then are hosted on my web server.

DISCLAIMER: this is not always the right solution for everyone. If, for example, you host your site somewhere icky and low quality, this will NOT be a good idea for you since episodes are big files that will way down what little space you have on your host.

However, if you have a secure, fast VPS (private) hosting company like I do (DigitalOcean) or if you use a high-quality shared host (like SiteGround), then Seriously Simple Podcasting + Stats will make publishing your show as easy as adding a post in WordPress. And seriously ?, it’s that EASY!

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