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My New Mission in My Business! (This Really Gets Me Fired Up!)

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After conducting a poll in my Facebook group, the members overwhelmingly reported their primary flaw was how easily they get hurt.

What’s funny is that when I posted the poll, that was the first thing I picked for myself too. I know I sound all tough (err… well, maybe not THAT tough…) but I’m a pile of mush on the inside.

I give my heart and soul to my clients. I’m *always* emotionally invested – and the disappointing part of being that way is that the level of care I give to them isn’t always reciprocated.

The way this might show up for you personally or professionally is if you get upset when other people don’t act the way you’d *expect* them to – or when other people say things that cut you deeply. This is a case of outcomes in a relationship not measuring up to expectations.

Unreciprocated affection at work is a pretty huge problem for morale – especially when entrepreneurs like us largely work alone. It leaves you to resolve stuff like this in your head – which can leave you reeling. It’s disastrous for even those with the best laid mindset habits.

This is exactly why I’ve been trying to educate more entrepreneurs on the power of language. Think of your copy – the words you use on your site, on social media, newsletters, text messages, and in your very emails. Digitally, your copy is the primary way your business expresses itself to the world.

THE PROBLEM >>A major lack of mindfulness. Businesses are not aware of the impact their words have – good or bad – on their audience.

****I’ve seen so many emails sent that should have stayed in the drafts folder.
****I’ve seen so many tweets deleted out of regret.
****Once you write something, it’s out there… and you can’t take it back.

TRUTH: I’ve always felt funny as a business because I was never that mission-oriented. Yes, I wanted to help my clients launch and build online businesses they love. (And I do. Every day.)

But I always envied businesses who were successful with a cause close to their heart.

Today, I’m announcing to you that I want to not just help people master copy for marketing reasons – but go master the English language so their impact can be more mindful, strategic, wholeheartedly, and empathetic.

I’m on a mission now – and I mean it when I say this – to help you and all entrepreneurs use language to become kinder and more empathetic leaders.

Who’s with me?? ❤ (PS – At the Sox game in this photo so that’s why I’m all baseball. ?⚾)

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