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How to Get More Sales: Be Nice

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I’m especially talking to you if you think this topic is a little out there. I’m not surprised if you do feel that way. Maybe you think *kindness* is for whiners – or that when people get their feelings hurt, they should get back on their hypothetical high horse and stop bringing emotions to their job in the first place.

Wrong-o. ?

The first mistake you made is thinking KINDNESS has nothing to do with the success of your business. ?

And before you say it, “Nice guys finish last” is an idiotic idiom holding you back from your inner good guy (or girl.)

Kindness has everything to do with your job performance. ?

The truth is that kindness contributes to positive feelings for those around you – there’s no need for me to give you stats on that, but check out the image with this post. Those statistics are facts. There’s your proof that kindness makes you better at your job.

“Okay, okay – I’m with you, Liz. But how does kindness get me more sales?” ?

Aside from that statistic (which I found very unintentionally, but was excited about it), there’s a few ways kindness shows up for you.

KINDNESS OPPORTUNITY #1 – Take a Look at Your Website Copy (Especially Your About Page) ?

One of my favorite things to do is write about pages. Yes, really.

Here’s another potential shocker for you – about pages aren’t actually about you. They’re about the other person on your website. We also call this person your user, target market, ideal client, demographic, (insert marketing term here.)

This is my favorite thing to teach my clients – and in our work together, we spend a good deal of time unwrapping the life of your target customer. When someone comes to your site – the truth is they want to hear about themselves before they’re ready to hear about you. A lot of your copy should actually be about THEIR problem that you’re solving – since that problem is the top of mind.

“People prefer the avoidance of pain over the pursuit of pleasure.”

When someone is in a jam, they’re not always ready to hear immediately how your product or service can make their life amazing — they actually need to know first that you “get” them. This creates trust.

The link to kindness? Well, if you take the time to understand someone you’re trying to help, it’s the same as showing you have empathy. And empathy is very much a part of kindness! Once you establish trust this way, the leads start flowing more naturally.

KINDNESS OPPORTUNITY #2 – Track Your Happy Times ⏳

People’s brains on positive tracks are 31% more productive during the day. Remember my time audit and how I showed you that when I had a total meltdown, I poured hours into crying, calling my mom, and needing to de-compress by watching Friends? (Maybe you had forgotten this about me – and now it’s coming back. This is good. This is nice.)

At any rate, when you are on a negative track, you LOSE many hours. If you’re neutral (not positive or negative), you’re still not as productive as when you’re feeling the good vibes.

Get more done in a day? And feel good doing it? I’m onboard with that.

KINDNESS OPPORTUNITY #3 – Show Your Customers Some Love ?

One of my favorite things I’ve heard of doing to show customer appreciation is to have an annual Customer Love Day. You can pick any day in the calendar year. Some ideas for what you can do…
– A giveaway!
– Run a sale or promotion
– Focus on making people feel heard by asking for feedback

Another way to show your people some love is to offer to do a social media share for them – I love offering this to my customers to help them spread the word about whatever marketing initiative they have going on. Most of the time, I share their demographic – which makes this even sweeter!

KINDNESS OPPORTUNITY #4 – Kindness Doesn’t End at 5pm ?

I have strong boundaries around my workday so I’m not suggesting answering emails after 5pm to be “kinder.” What I’m actually saying is the person you choose to be at home or out of the office should be a kind person as well.

What random act of kindness can you do today? Another fun fact about kindness is that it’s contagious. According to an article in the Scientific American, 3 people actually benefit from 1 act of kindness: the person who did it, the person who received it, and any person who witnessed it. Your positive deed, even a small one, can have a large impact.

I’ll pledge to do one, kind, unsolicited nice thing today. I invite you to join me. Some ideas…
– Buy coffee for the person behind you in the drive-through
– Make your partner’s favorite food for dinner
– Hold the door extra long for someone who is a little far behind you
– Let someone go ahead of you in traffic
– Give up your seat for someone on the train
– Call up a parent, sibling, or an old friend or text them to say you’re thinking of them
– Review a small business on Facebook, Yelp, or Google – with whom you had a good experience so the world can know about it

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