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3 Reasons Courses ROCK

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Someone call the Fire Department ?‍? because courses are HOT right now. I daresay (man – I love saying the word ‘daresay’) – but seriously – they’re hotter than… ?
– ketogenic dieting ?
– florals for spring ?
– the Roseanne reboot ?

(Okay – maybe *not* hotter than that last one.)

For those of you who are already drinking the course Koolaid ?, the following pros to creating your own course will sound pretty familiar…

#1 – Courses elevate your status as an expert. ?‍?

Even if someone doesn’t actually buy the course you create, the fact that this same person sees that you’ve created one gives them the impression that you’re fancy. It makes you seem cool! Even if you’re a total nerd with a Star Wars figurine collection (no judgment here), your course is gonna give you some serious street cred.

#2 – Courses are a form of passive income. ?

Passive income (quick definition) – the act of earning money without really doing anything. Sigh. Oh, passive income – you seemingly elusive and devastatingly attractive form of getting money. Here’s the thing – passive income comes in all shapes and sizes: affiliate earnings, commission-based sales, digital products, to name a few. Creating a course is a more approachable and reliable form of passive income. If your course is on-point and perfect for your target audience, you just need to fine-tune your marketing to make this income stream grow. It’s a beautiful thing.

#3 – Courses will generate more leads for private work. ?

Albeit – this happens unintentionally. A side effect of people getting a snippet of your amazing self via your online course is that they’ll want more and more of you. It’s the potato chip effect! So, if you’re open to the experience of working with more people 1:1, your course is going to give you that type of attention. Along the same lines, if you don’t offer a service in your business, but sell other products (or both), selling more of your stuff to the same person is likely to happen if they have a positive experience with your course.

What are YOUR questions about course creation??

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