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Choosing Your Course Topic

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Ah, the age-old question – what is the meaning of life? I mean – what is the topic of the course I want to create? ⁉️

Every happy go lucky entrepreneur has to ask themselves this – and it’s a pretty big deal of a question.

If you ask a business coach what to do, they’ll tell you RESEARCH YOUR AUDIENCE ? before thinking of creating a product. And they’d be right. Of course you should find out WHAT people want before spending time, money, and resources in creating something that they may not.

When you hear the word “research,” you might be left twiddling your thumbs (does anyone actually twiddle anymore?) and wondering if “research” means a trip to the library to dive into books or a people-watching session at Starbucks with your favorite chai. ☕️

Research (for the intents and purposes of creating a course) can come in a few forms…

#1 – Whip up a survey. ?

Ask your target audience what’s on their minds by creating a brief survey. The survey should ask them to describe some demographic data (which may be useful or not to you) along with some non-leading questions about what their pain points are. Emphasis here is on the NON-leading questions.

For example: you might know you want to create a course in Pinterest Marketing, but do you have evidence to show people would want to buy that? Is there a need for it in your target audience? Or should you be focusing elsewhere?

AKA – If you surveyed to find out, it would be better to ask…

What social media channels would you like to improve at?

Rather than asking flat out…

Would you buy a Pinterest Marketing Course?

#2 – Conduct market research interviews. ☎️

I used my survey to come up with a targeted list of leads who might be interested in being interviewed personally to help me dive deeper into their survey answers. This part ended up being the most revealing because I ended up discovering what the biggest problem my people had was – and it was burnout – followed by sales struggles. Fascinating, right? Sad, now, but totally revealing and interesting bits of information can be gleaned when speaking to someone.

NOTE – Since my business is a personal brand and I didn’t want people to feel shy about being honest with me, I enlisted the help of a team member to conduct the interviews.

#3 – Draw conclusions from your data. ?

Drawing conclusions from both data sets should hone in on…
– the primary problem your target is facing
– their desired outcomes
– other related problems they have in their life/business

These conclusions should be the driving force for creating a course that really sells (and crafting sales copy that resonates with your people.)

Have you ever performed market research? What did you learn?

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