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Entrepreneurs Need to Play – When do you play?

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Seriously – though. Do you make time for play?

In Internet Fame this week, we’re talking all about mindset work – and a huge part of maintaining a healthy mindset is to actually make time for play. (If you wanna skip to benefits of PLAY, click here.)

I recently had to go to Dollar Tree. (I think had to go is likely a bit strong – but I wanted to go.)

When I got there, all I could think about was…

  • what I needed to buy
  • how much time I had to linger
  • what store I needed to hit up next
  • what I needed to cook that night

Basically, I was doing anything but actually just being there. My mind was loud and racing.

As I was checking out, there was a little girl behind me in line with her grandparents. To my surprise, she started to strike up a conversation with me…

“I like your bag,” she said. (She meant my handbag.)

“Oh wow – thank you,” I barely replied before she went on.

“I like that it’s so sparkly! It’s very pretty. My name is Molly.”

Her grandparents laughed nervously. (I think parents are always afraid that their children annoy other adults by just existing.)

“It’s nice to meet you, Molly. I’m Liz.”

“Hi Liz. This is my coloring book I’m buying today.”

“Oh wow! Isn’t that something?”

“Yes! I’m also getting a word puzzle book. I can’t wait to play with them when I get home.”

Her grandfather chimed in, “It’ll certainly keep her occupied.”

The girl beamed as I made my way out. She waved to me and I waved back, wondering when was the last time I looked forward to day of coloring and word-searching?

Play can be…

“Highly playful adults feel the same stressors as anyone else, but they appear to experience and react to them differently, allowing stressors to roll off more easily than those who are less playful.”

Washington Post

Some things I do to add play in my own life…

Why is it beneficial?

  • Play helps you solve problems more creatively at work.¹
  • Tames your tension, soothes your nerves, and relieves stress in a major way.²
  • Physical health benefits: relieves pain, boosts mood, satisfaction, and immune system.²
  • Increases energy and prevents burnout.³
  • Improves bonding and communication at work.⁴
  • Makes you more attractive and appealing to the opposite sex.⁴

I’d love to hear how you plan to add more play!!! Share about it in the Facebook Group and let me know. 🙂


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