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How to Spike Traffic + Attract Dream Leads

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WEBSITE TRAFFIC 101: Where are your people coming from?

I wanted to do one more post for website week. I know it’s Saturday and you might not be working – so I recommend hitting Save Post so you can read this later.

~ Myth: All users are created equal. ~

I get asked this question ALL the time – which is why it’s important enough for me to address today. “How do I get more traffic?”

What is with our culture and the whole “MORE is better” or “BIGGER is better” mentality?

What if I told you that you DON’T want more traffic?

What if I told you that you *actually* want more ENGAGED traffic?

~ AHA Moment #1: Not all users who come to your site will be engaged. ~

The variable here is WHERE this person is coming from – I don’t mean geographically – I mean where on the Internet did this person come from?



#1 – Organic Search Traffic

This term describes the people who come to your website from search engine results. Note – these results would be unpaid – AKA – not Google ads. If you want more organic traffic, you’d want to hire Ashley Mason.

Pros: You can get found by brand new people on the Internet! People who don’t know you yet could love you.
Cons: Requires hiring someone like Ashley to help you unless you have a LOT of time on your hands to learn AND implement what you learn.

#2 – Direct Traffic

This term describes anyone who comes to your site by manually typing in your URL or web address. Brand awareness will bring direct traffic so keep putting yourself and your URL out there.

Pros: They usually know you or know something about you – which makes this user higher-quality than the other options here. Highly converting type of traffic.
Cons: None.

#3 – Paid Traffic

Ads! Anytime someone comes to your site via an ad on Google or Facebook or anywhere that it’s PPC (pay per click), this is a form of paid traffic.

Pros: Paying for traffic gives you control over how much traffic you get. Quality of the lead can be great if you’ve correctly set up your targeting.
Cons: You better be savvy at creating ads if you want to get the most bang for your buck.

#4 – Email Marketing

Anytime someone clicks to go to your website from your newsletter. If you’ve placed links in the right spots, it’s a great way to spike your traffic on the day you send the email.

Pros: An amazing way to spike your traffic because you’re emailing people who already like you and/or who have made some investment in your brand.
Cons: You can’t rely on this as an every day tactic – as it will only work when you email people – and you shouldn’t email your audience every day.

#5 – Social Media

This is pretty self explanatory – but anytime you link to your stuff from social media, that would describe this type of traffic. (If you need help with social media, you should contact Ashley as well.)

Pros: High quality leads, easy to do yourself.
Cons: None.

#6 – Referral

This is when another website links to your website! Guest blogs and podcast features are a common way to increase the number of websites that link to you.

Pros: Like SEO, link-building tactics (aka referral marketing tactics) can drive people to your site who don’t know you. What’s better is that if you’re picky about where your links are, then you’ll get higher quality referred users. Target blogs, e-zines, and podcasts who share your target market.
Cons: Can be challenging if you’re starting up. Consider hiring a PR person to help put you out there and join Dash of Visibility. (see

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