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How to Approach a Rebrand with Grace (+ Hit All the Right Notes)

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Have you been feeling like your business needs a bit of a facelift? Has the thought of rebranding popped into your head more than once, but you’re just not sure how to go about it the correct way?

When you start to want to rebrand, the very idea can totally freak you out. The thoughts will pass through your head off and on if a rebrand is worth it or not because you don’t want to alienate your current customers by bringing in a totally new set of clients.

All of the inner drama is totally normal. Change is a really scary thing, especially when you have an already established brand and client base that you’ve stuck with (and has stuck with you!) since the beginning. But a change in your business doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. Honestly, it can be really powerful. It can bring in more traction to your business and even more amazing clients to work with!

Rebranding is something I’ve helped my clients navigate a few times — and there certainly is art and tact involved in making this type of large-scale transition.

That’s why I’m going to tell you how you can approach a rebrand with less fear!

How to change the way your brand shows up to the public

When you rebrand, a company’s biggest fear (and rightfully so) is that by making a big adjustment to your messaging and aesthetics, you could be alienating your existing customer base. A rebrand typically comes about because a business needs to shift to survive – whether due to a change in services provided, demographics/targeting, or otherwise – but it needs to be done tactfully. (I’m a big fan of not alienating any customer who’s previously made an investment with you – just because your new ideal customer is changing.)

What I mean by tact is that you should make sure that the rebrand includes an homage or two to how your brand formerly presented itself. While everything is changing, there needs to be *something* your long-time customers can hold on to – in order to show them you’re still there for them.

How to tell your audience about your rebrand

Truth and honesty go a long way. I would recommend being as transparent as possible with your customers throughout the transition. For example, even before you rebrand, telling them it’s going to happen is your best first step! Some brands have even asked for their current customer base to weigh in on things like new logos or colors to use so their customers can be a part of the process. If you keep things hidden until they’re “perfect,” you’ll either keep things hidden too long – and you’re losing out on an opportunity to be vulnerable with your audience.

How to attract a new customer base

If you’re adding new customers (and not replacing your old demographic), I think it can be even easier to make them feel welcome. Ensure you’re working with a designer and copywriter who truly understand what you’re trying to do – and lean on them to make decisions when it comes to tinkering with aesthetics and messaging to make both demographics feel at home.

How to keep present clients on board

I started to get at this before – but a rebrand is a really great way to re-engage your existing customer base and get them involved with the inside of your business. Use this change as your chance to get personal with your people, tune into what they want, and it’ll increase brand engagement and the likelihood you’re going to hit all the right notes.

The main thing to focus on when rebranding

Please do not overthink it or stay in analysis paralysis. Use this time to be exploratory and creative! Connect with your target audience(s) to understand what they want and try to have some fun with it!

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