Boss Spotlight: Jolene Ejmont, Mother and Successful Female Entrepreneur in the Craft World - Liz Theresa
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Boss Spotlight: Jolene Ejmont, Mother and Successful Female Entrepreneur in the Craft World

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Meet Jolene! Between running a Family Travel Blog, a Craft Blog, and starting up a Surface Design business, Jolene has her hands full. Her company is worth six figures and is continuously

growing and thriving.


Crafting is Hard, Jolene Makes it Easy

She’s a female entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of It’s the top blog that covers everything from vinyl cutting, paper crafting, fabric projects, and heat press designs. She gives machine recommendations, comparisons, reviews, and tons of other tips and project ideas. Her company has helped crafty Moms & Dads, people who want to DIY their weddings for affordability, and so many more! Recently she has even been showing parents how they can benefit from using a Cricut while homeschooling. 


In 15 years of crafting, she has run an online craft store where she taught in-person classes and online craft-along-workshops. At the start of her crafting career, you might have seen her published in magazines like Creative Paper, Memory Makers, and even on the cover of Scrapbook Creations and Scrapbooking Memories. She sold her online shop and went to work at a local craft store where her love for the Cricut began.


After she started getting skilled at using a Cricut, she became a #vinylcraftaddict and built an entire business on bringing decades of craft industry reviews and guides to people’s fingertips. She had already been through the trenches with her Cricut years ago, but she knew that crafting was a stress reliever, so she kept at it. After many hours dedicated to learning the Cricut, she got very skilled and wanted to share her knowledge with the world.


She started helping others kick their Cricut overwhelm out of the craft room and turn it into their true passion and hobby (with ease!). Jolene also recently launched two successful courses with a turnout of over 600 students. So far, her digital book that she published has sold over 1000 copies in which she’ll be adding to Amazon soon. Check out her blog here!

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