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The Only 4 Stock Photo Sites You Need to Use

What stock photo sites are the best? This is a question I get asked a LOT – so to preserve your sanity, I have curated my handy-dandy go-to list right here on this page. I use these exact stock photo sites shared below for these reasons: THEY’RE PERFECT FOR THOSE WHO ARE LACTOSE-INTOLERANT. Look, the vast … Continued

How to Make an Online Quiz to Get More Leads

Think about all the online content you create for your brand. What is the common denominator? (Likely) all of your content creates a PASSIVE experience for the user. Blog articles. Users read these. Videos. Users watch these. Podcast episodes. Users listen to these. Why are quizzes so darn awesome? Well, quizzes are unique because they force users answer questions. Who … Continued

Do you take charge cards using Square or magic fairy dust?

Clients ask me about accepting payments a LOT so I’ll break it down for you. The more ways you give people to pay you, the more money you will make. { tweet that } This goes two ways: The more revenue streams you have, the more money you will have. Examples of revenue streams include affiliate income, ad revenue, … Continued

These 3 Wonder Woman Weapons Boost Your Bottom Line

I just saw Wonder Woman on its opening night with my boyfriend James. In between bites of Raisinets, I was totally wowed by how badass this woman really is! If looks could kill by themselves, Wonder Woman certainly wouldn’t need any weapons. Watching this badass boss babe kick butt inspired me to share some business insight … Continued

3 Tips (You Don’t Already Know) to Creating Totally Awesome Video Content

I’m so excited about my upcoming video series! With the success of Liz on Biz, I wanted to create a form of content that was just as impactful, but shorter in length, which covered some topics you may be interested in including but not limited to… – Websites – WordPress – Online Marketing – Social Media … Continued

Are you a perfectionist as an entrepreneur?

LET’S TALK ABOUT PERFECTIONISM. Something that I’ve noticed happening quite a bit (in my clients’ lives and in my own) is that we put off pursuing things until they’re 100% thought-out and predetermined. We do this in both our lives and our businesses. We simply want everything to “just be perfect” *first* (right?) In truth, … Continued

10 Things Entrepreneurs Do That Drive Me Crazy

#1 – People who call themselves gurus, ninjas, rockstars, or anything of the like. Please stop because you sound ridiculous. #2 – People who self-proclaim their work, business, or website to be revolutionary. So, to be revolutionary, you just need to decide that you are? Oh, okay. That clears that up. Thanks. #3 – People who are … Continued

How To Stay on Track with Your 2017 Goals

Can you believe that we’re already almost three months into 2017?! Have you been staying on track with your goals for the year? As an entrepreneur, setting goals is an important exercise to do in order to challenge yourself and help you grow – but following them can become hard when life gets in the … Continued

Is your website handicap accessible?

Have you ever thought about your website being handicap accessible? It’s okay if you haven’t as it’s not something that tends to come to mind when discussing website design too often–even though it should as companies like Netflix have found out! Not only is building a handicap-accessible website considerate for those who need it, but … Continued

5 Carrie Fisher Quotes for Entrepreneurs

Carrie Fisher was known for her wit and courage for always being true to herself. Throughout her career, she had many famous quotes that any entrepreneur can relate to – I included my personal faves below. I’ve always seen myself in Princess Leia – so as much as she rocked the galaxy, I want you … Continued