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Be the Star

Look, you and your business deserve the best.

I genuinely believe that you’re here for a reason – and it’s because I’m the best coach for you. Together and in private, we’ll up-level your business, make you more awesome, and laugh the whole way through.

You probably feel...

super WEIRD

hiring a “coach” to help you with your business.

(LOL - I get it, but coaching doesn’t have to be so coach-y.)


Isn’t this gonna be super hard and take a ton of time to see results?

(Note: You seriously feel better day one. I promise that.)

AFRAID to invest

in your business by hiring a coach to mentor you.

(Even though you know you’re wasting money and time by making the wrong choices.)
What Makes Me Different
(you know - aside from my hilarious, fun-loving personality)
I have a successful podcast - you’re welcome to join me as a guest.
I have connections and access to other influencers and potential partners/mentors who can further your awesomeness.
I am extremely tech-savvy - so there will be no tech hurdle hindering your growth.
I’m also a copywriter - so I don’t just tell you how to sell, I help you create the language to actually get money in your bank account.
Be the Star is perfect if you want to...
  • Make BIG, bold moves in your business while avoiding major pitfalls.
  • Convert users with clever and concise copy QUICKLY. (Say this five times fast!) As soon as they find you anywhere online – your blog, social channels – they’re in love – because good copy matters.
  • Freaking awesome branding that attracts the right people.
  • Find *clarity* and streamline your opt-in, products, and programs.
  • Feel genuinely energized and excited about your business instead of bored or bummed out!
  • More Benjamins! (I mean money… get it?) Anyway, I can show you how to sell your products and programs with ease and totally fearless closing-the-deal confidence.
What Some of My Clients Had to Say...
Ready to Be the Star?
what we do in thE program:
Setup effective business systems

including but not limited to email marketing platform, automations, CRM (aka – customer list management), content creation, invoicing, receipts and expenses, social media, and more!

Find CLARITY + Confidence

Clarity and chutzpa aren’t things you can Google or buy on Amazon. They already exist in you – and my job as your coach is to pull it out of you.

Create flagship products & programs

Charge and earn your worth. We’ll make it as easy as possible for people to give you money!

Get access to the right connections

Say all the right things in all the right places. Let’s grow a loyal and loving fanbase!


How about being the actual star in this program!? I’ve been podcasting and making videos for years now and can help you rock audio or video!

Solidify your personal brand

Your story is your brand. Period. Let’s craft your story and tell it in a way that will make your audience fall in love with you.

Craft Clever, Highly-Converting Copy

If you want more leads, it starts with using better, more consistent and strategic language. I’m here to help you do this in the non-cheesy, non-car-salesman way.

What You Get
2 x sixty minute strategy sessions/month
Texting/email support in between sessions
PR hook-ups with cool people
1 hour of implementation support per month
Access to Copy Masterclass & all digital downloads
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