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Catherine Alford is the go-to personal finance expert for educated, aspirational moms who want to recapture their life passions, earn more, reach their goals, and take on a more active financial role in their families.

One of Cat’s biggest concerns with her re-brand was that she didn’t want to compromise the warmth of her personal blog, “Budget Blonde,” from which she was transitioning away. The spiritedness of “Budget Blonde” has come through in Cat’s new website’s look in the form of pops of color along with the irresistible glitter backdrop that frames Cat’s headshot in her banner.

Aside from showing off Cat’s warm personality, she also desired a more professional and interactive user experience for her readers who have been loyal since she started blogging back in 2010.

Cat also wanted to showcase some audio and video clips which Liz and Cat collected together for the Press page (which they both love!).


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