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4 Ways to Baby-proof Your Business

Is Your Business Baby-proof? As you guys *might* know, I’m pretty pregnant right now. Just beyond the 8 months pregnant mark – so I’m coming right up on new-mom-hood. While I was pregnant, I actually ended up hiring a maternity leave coach. This is a thing!! I know – amazing, right? Her name is Arianna … Continued

3 Ways You Can Reinvent Your Networking Skills (Without Sounding Cheesy!)

Networking is a great way to start opening doors for your business and showing people how awesome your business truly is!   Networking when you’re an entrepreneur can super beneficial, of course –  but where do you start? How do you reach out and talk to a bunch of others about yourself — without sounding … Continued

How to Approach a Rebrand with Grace (+ Hit All the Right Notes)

Have you been feeling like your business needs a bit of a facelift? Has the thought of rebranding popped into your head more than once, but you’re just not sure how to go about it the correct way? When you start to want to rebrand, the very idea can totally freak you out. The thoughts … Continued

Market Researching for Your Target Customer

LOL but seriously, WHAT IS Market Research? Market research is (per Wikipedia) any organized effort to gather information about target markets or customers. It is a very important component of business strategy.   Sometimes, market research also refers to researching an industry before launching a product or business to get a sense of how things … Continued

Unique Selling Proposition and You!

When I say USP, you may be thinking… >> About USDA Prime Beef. >> Your USB drive. But where the heck did you put that again? >> That USP sounds patriotic. It must be the United States of… Pizza? Okay – jokes aside, you might actually know that USP stands for… **drumroll please** Unique Selling … Continued

Successfully Launching A Course with Pre-Sales

What if I told you the best way to launch a course successfully is to actually PRE-SELL your course. What do I mean by PRE-SELL? ***Sell it before you’ve created it.*** I recently did this with my Copy Masterclass. ? I pre-sold the course as a *beta* course. Then, once I saw I had interest, … Continued

Entrepreneurs Need to Play – When do you play?

Seriously – though. Do you make time for play? In Internet Fame this week, we’re talking all about mindset work – and a huge part of maintaining a healthy mindset is to actually make time for play. (If you wanna skip to benefits of PLAY, click here.) I recently had to go to Dollar Tree. … Continued

Choosing Your Course Topic

Ah, the age-old question – what is the meaning of life? I mean – what is the topic of the course I want to create? ⁉️ Every happy go lucky entrepreneur has to ask themselves this – and it’s a pretty big deal of a question. If you ask a business coach what to do, … Continued

3 Reasons Courses ROCK

Someone call the Fire Department ?‍? because courses are HOT right now. I daresay (man – I love saying the word ‘daresay’) – but seriously – they’re hotter than… ? – ketogenic dieting ? – florals for spring ? – the Roseanne reboot ? (Okay – maybe *not* hotter than that last one.) For those … Continued

How to Get More Sales: Be Nice

I’m especially talking to you if you think this topic is a little out there. I’m not surprised if you do feel that way. Maybe you think *kindness* is for whiners – or that when people get their feelings hurt, they should get back on their hypothetical high horse and stop bringing emotions to their … Continued