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My New Mission in My Business! (This Really Gets Me Fired Up!)

POLL THOUGHTS… After conducting a poll in my Facebook group, the members overwhelmingly reported their primary flaw was how easily they get hurt. What’s funny is that when I posted the poll, that was the first thing I picked for myself too. I know I sound all tough (err… well, maybe not THAT tough…) but … Continued

How to Attract High-quality Guests for Interviews [3 Trade Secrets]

Whether you plan to use interview format for your podcast, YouTube show, or Facebook Live, you probably don’t wanna invite just ANYONE to join you. So that’s exactly where THESE tips come in! ? Before you start asking people to join your show, of course, you need to have done some of the lay work … Continued

How to Start a Podcast: What to Buy [Part 2 of 2]

Calling All Budding Podcasters! ???? I love making shopping lists for entrepreneurs who have big dreams – especially if these dreams involve podcasting!! Let’s blame it on my combined love of both shopping and business. (You’d be very not-surprised to learn I work alongside quite a few entrepreneurs who are fashion creatives.) ? If you … Continued

How to Start a Podcast: What to Know [Part 1 of 2]

So you think you might wanna start a podcast? THEN, THIS POST IS FOR YOU! Full disclosure: my podcast is my FAVORITE part of my business. It’s my absolute favorite medium for producing high-quality content targeted to my audience and the benefits I’ve REAPED from podcasting have far exceeded my expectations about it. Before you … Continued

How to Boost Transparency [ 4 Ways ]

Everybody and their mom (well, maybe not their mom) is talking about GDPR compliance. Let’s start here: I’m not an attorney. This email isn’t giving formal advice at ALL and is intended to clarify the way you can understand concept of web compliance in general. First, there’s tons of things you can be compliant with – and an … Continued

Is Podcasting Right For You? [3 Qs to Ask Yourself]

Whether you’re looking to be a guest or host your own show, let’s go over podcasting from a logistical standpoint. Just because someone is a good painter doesn’t mean they’re also a good *sculptor* or *writer.* Similarly, just because someone is a good basketball player doesn’t mean they’ll also be a good baseball player. (Sorry … Continued

How to Get Featured on Podcasts [5 Steps]

When it comes to podcasts, we’re starting HERE — how to get featured on more podcasts. ? *And* as the hostess with (arguably, anyway) the most-est, I’m the perfect person to give you the deets! Unless you’ve been asleep in the time we’ve known each other, you likely already know I’m the host of the … Continued

How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed – [ 4 Tried + True Time Management Techniques ]

You feel like you have a million things to do – and yet – it feels like nothing gets done. SOOO frustrating. You’re so busy helping your clients you let internal goals slip away. That new product still isn’t launched. ??? You’re constantly working for your business – rather than on your business. You swear that there aren’t … Continued

3 Tips to Find More Time + More Fulfillment

A simple way to find more time is to actually *DO* -less- stuff. ***** (Oh sheeeet, did I really just say that?) It’s so true though! When we feel like we get NOTHING done, it’s often because we’re spending time performing low-energy activities! Low-energy activities may include… – Replying to dumb emails (dumb being the … Continued

Making Time for a Time Audit

I realize the LAST thing you wanna be told is to DO yet another task to fix your time problem. ? (See more at Your #1 instinct is probably, “Time Audit, huh? TOO BAD I HAVE NO TIME TO DO ONE.” Congrats – I felt exactly the same about it. How’s that workin’ for … Continued