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Sneak a peek at being Liz Theresa [Time Audit RESULTS]

Ever hit a wall where you’re like, “Oh my gosh – where has the day gone?” Do you ever think to yourself, “I can’t BELIEVE I still haven’t done __X, Y, and Z__?!” Does the idea of taking a break totally freak you out or make you feel like a lazy, good-for-nothing-preneur? I totally get … Continued

How to Get Published (somewhere other than your blog)

Do you suffer from press logo envy? Do you ogle the websites of your competitors wishing you had as many features and press appearances as they do? YOU’RE NOT ALONE! One of the best ways to increase visibility and give your PR a little boost is to pursue publication opportunities. Getting published is an awesome … Continued

These 3 Wonder Woman Weapons Boost Your Bottom Line

I just saw Wonder Woman on its opening night with my boyfriend James. In between bites of Raisinets, I was totally wowed by how badass this woman really is! If looks could kill by themselves, Wonder Woman certainly wouldn’t need any weapons. Watching this badass boss babe kick butt inspired me to share some business insight … Continued

Are you a perfectionist as an entrepreneur?

LET’S TALK ABOUT PERFECTIONISM. Something that I’ve noticed happening quite a bit (in my clients’ lives and in my own) is that we put off pursuing things until they’re 100% thought-out and predetermined. We do this in both our lives and our businesses. We simply want everything to “just be perfect” *first* (right?) In truth, … Continued

10 Things Entrepreneurs Do That Drive Me Crazy

#1 – People who call themselves gurus, ninjas, rockstars, or anything of the like. Please stop because you sound ridiculous. #2 – People who self-proclaim their work, business, or website to be revolutionary. So, to be revolutionary, you just need to decide that you are? Oh, okay. That clears that up. Thanks. #3 – People who are … Continued

How To Stay on Track with Your Goals

Have you been staying on track with the goals you’ve set for yourself and your business? As an entrepreneur, setting goals is an important exercise to do in order to challenge yourself and help yourself grow – but following them can become hard when life gets in the way. Follow these tips to hold yourself … Continued

How to get Divorced and not want to Die

  This piece was originally published at elephant journal right here. The unedited, original version appears below.  — If you’re reading this, you’re likely just embarking on the super weird, potentially unexpected, and horrifically awful (you wouldn’t wish this on your worst enemy) path of divorce. No matter where you are at in the process … Continued

The 3 Things You Need to Do When You First Start a Business

If you’re reading this, you probably are about to start your business (or you tried to start it and then hit a wall because you had no idea what was coming next). Either way, I’m happy to “meet” you here, at least virtually, you know. I specialize in working with entrepreneurs in your exact shoes. … Continued

Dedicated to the girl who gave me pizza

The other night, I was picking up takeout for dinner at this amazing pizza place. I walked in and gave my name, “Pickup for Liz.” The young girl behind the counter said, “Okay, $8.49 is your total.” “No way,” I told her. I’d ordered enough food for four since we had company coming over that night. … Continued

10 Things I LOVE About Working for Myself

There are probably 100 reasons I love working for myself. From the lack of commute to never having a boss who knows less than I do, I am reminded daily how AWESOME it is to be your own boss. Here are my fave reasons why I love being the #BossLady. I have the funniest boss! … Continued