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A valuable lesson a business rockstar once taught me

I once had a client tell me at the beginning of our working relationship to “overcommunicate” with her. I remember thinking, “What? Why?! Do I undercommunicate? Is it even possible to undercommunicate something? Do I talk funny? Do I talk too quiet? Am I speaking Italian right now? WHAT CAN THIS MEAN!?” Then, in the … Continued

5 tips on how to get out of a funk

When you go too fast, you end up… Not appreciating the NOW of things. Making mistakes along the way. Not valuing your relationships with other people (not just clients). Hating on yourself for not being the IT girl yet. So to quit being such a Debbie Downer, take heed of my advice for how to … Continued

What to Do if Someone is Copying Your Business: Copycats and Competitors

I was watching Good Morning America the other day (you KNOW I love that show) in the living room and I had the Today Show playing in the kitchen. In one room, I saw my beloved segment GMA does – the “Deals n’ Steals” hosted by Tory Johnson. I’m always riveted.  In the kitchen, I … Continued

How to Close the Deal: A Lesson in Footing

Watch this video to find out what you’ve been doing that sends your prospects heading for the hills after a consultation. To find your footing… 1. Do a stream of consciousness write-up. I encourage you to do this EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU ALREADY KNOW EVERYTHING. I know you, Ms. Know-it-All. No one has it … Continued

19 Reasons Why You Started Your Business

Why be an entrepreneur? These perks might sound familiar. The reasons why you started your business is… 1. Because having a boss sucked. 2. Because you were always late for work anyway. 3. Because you couldn’t make it in show business. 4. Because you like shopping in the middle of the day. 5. Because. SHOES. … Continued

How to Manage Time: Think Big and Focus Small

I was watching Good Morning America today and the brilliant Robin Roberts said these words in passing. Such an incredibly helpful reminder to all entrepreneurs. Sometimes you feel like you’re only inching toward your goals because there just aren’t enough hours in the day to be the #1 Salesperson, Marketing Head, Website Developer, Social Media … Continued

How To Get More Sales

The #1 concern of my clients and colleagues has always been customer acquisition and lead generation. I’m sensitive to that concern! We’ve all been there. Whether you’re brand new in the business world or you’ve been around for a few years, everyone has a slow season or a lull. They’re icky. I ain’t gonna lie … Continued

How to Be the STAR at Your Next Networking Event

The following is a guest post by Jessie Spielvogel, a location-independent social media guru with a love for small business. Jessie and I are both members of an awesome online community for women in business called Project Eve. She let me guest blog for her and I couldn’t resist asking her to blog for me! She’s got … Continued

7 Tips That Will Save You THOUSANDS of Dollars This Year

So, entrepreneurs- today, I want to touch on an issue that gets everybody screaming – MONEY. Have you ever had a customer that wouldn’t pay? Every business deals with this. Here are a few ways to manage this situation. Liz Tip #1 – Don’t push the sale. If you have to convince someone to invest … Continued