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How to Write More Effective Subject Line Copy [5 Tips]

(Read this in Oprah’s voice: You get an email, you get an email, everybody get’s an email!) Too bad it’s emails and not cars, right? That’s exactly how most people feel about their inbox! SO MANY EMAILS! SO, HOW DO YOU GET PEOPLE TO OPEN YOUR EMAIL? Effective subject lines are the #1 most impactful … Continued

How to Get Published (somewhere other than your blog)

Do you suffer from press logo envy? Do you ogle the websites of your competitors wishing you had as many features and press appearances as they do? YOU’RE NOT ALONE! One of the best ways to increase visibility and give your PR a little boost is to pursue publication opportunities. Getting published is an awesome … Continued

Guest Blog: 6 Ways To Unpolish Your Writing And Get Readers Reading

For writers like me, sometimes it’s not easy being green seen. There are a zillion of us in an already saturated space and we all have something to say! We want our voices heard through our written word but a lot of the time or most of the time for that matter, our stories get lost … Continued

Mission Statement Template – FREE For You!

The key to client attraction (or if you are a nonprofit, creating buzz and getting more support) is 100% primarily based on your FOOTING. I did a big ole post about footing way back. But basically when I say FOOTING, I’m referring to having an extremely solid and connectable MISSION STATEMENT. And even if you … Continued

What to Do if Someone is Copying Your Business: Copycats and Competitors

I was watching Good Morning America the other day (you KNOW I love that show) in the living room and I had the Today Show playing in the kitchen. In one room, I saw my beloved segment GMA does – the “Deals n’ Steals” hosted by Tory Johnson. I’m always riveted.  In the kitchen, I … Continued