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Copy Masterclass launches today! Here’s the ads we designed. [Gallery]

In cooperation with my AMAZING designer Jules, we put together the following ads for Copy Masterclass – some of which you may have seen light up the web thus far in the course of promotion. Click on each image to zoom in and get a good look. And of course, to check out Copy Masterclass, … Continued

How to Spike Traffic + Attract Dream Leads

WEBSITE TRAFFIC 101: Where are your people coming from? I wanted to do one more post for website week. I know it’s Saturday and you might not be working – so I recommend hitting Save Post so you can read this later. ~ Myth: All users are created equal. ~ I get asked this question … Continued

Entrepreneurs Need to Play – When do you play?

Seriously – though. Do you make time for play? In Internet Fame this week, we’re talking all about mindset work – and a huge part of maintaining a healthy mindset is to actually make time for play. (If you wanna skip to benefits of PLAY, click here.) I recently had to go to Dollar Tree. … Continued

Reward yourself by supporting military heroes with me ⭐️

The 2018 RUN TO HOME BASE presented by New Balance is a unique and special event that celebrates our Military Heroes and raises necessary funds for Home Base, a partnership of the Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital. The mission of Home Base is to heal the invisible wounds for Post-9/11 Veterans, Service Members … Continued

How to Get More Sales: Be Nice

I’m especially talking to you if you think this topic is a little out there. I’m not surprised if you do feel that way. Maybe you think *kindness* is for whiners – or that when people get their feelings hurt, they should get back on their hypothetical high horse and stop bringing emotions to their … Continued

My New Mission in My Business! (This Really Gets Me Fired Up!)

POLL THOUGHTS… After conducting a poll in my Facebook group, the members overwhelmingly reported their primary flaw was how easily they get hurt. What’s funny is that when I posted the poll, that was the first thing I picked for myself too. I know I sound all tough (err… well, maybe not THAT tough…) but … Continued

Are you GDPR compliant? [here’s what you need to know]

If you opened this, it’s super likely you’ve been seeing the Chicken-Little-esque, “sky is falling!” panic that’s swept through the entrepreneurial community over something called GDPR. GDPR is an acronym that stands for General Data Protection Regulation – a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union and the European Economic … Continued

How to Start a Podcast: What to Buy [Part 2 of 2]

Calling All Budding Podcasters! 🎛🎚🎙💻 I love making shopping lists for entrepreneurs who have big dreams – especially if these dreams involve podcasting!! Let’s blame it on my combined love of both shopping and business. (You’d be very not-surprised to learn I work alongside quite a few entrepreneurs who are fashion creatives.) 💃 If you … Continued

How to Start a Podcast: What to Know [Part 1 of 2]

So you think you might wanna start a podcast? THEN, THIS POST IS FOR YOU! Full disclosure: my podcast is my FAVORITE part of my business. It’s my absolute favorite medium for producing high-quality content targeted to my audience and the benefits I’ve REAPED from podcasting have far exceeded my expectations about it. Before you … Continued

How to Boost Transparency [ 4 Ways ]

Everybody and their mom (well, maybe not their mom) is talking about GDPR compliance. Let’s start here: I’m not an attorney. This email isn’t giving formal advice at ALL and is intended to clarify the way you can understand concept of web compliance in general. First, there’s tons of things you can be compliant with – and an … Continued