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Email Marketing Automation [3 Platforms to Use]

Email Marketing Automation has some pretty serious perks, doesn’t it? 🤑 When you automate lead-nurturing, it lets you work when you’re not actually working. That means, on days off, your email marketing platform can be set up to give your subscribers love ❤️ without your intervention. Or the need to physically hug strangers. 🤗 Now … Continued

How to Make an Online Quiz to Get More Leads

Think about all the online content you create for your brand. What is the common denominator? (Likely) all of your content creates a PASSIVE experience for the user. Blog articles. Users read these. Videos. Users watch these. Podcast episodes. Users listen to these. Why are quizzes so darn awesome? Well, quizzes are unique because they force users answer questions. Who … Continued

Mission Statement Template – FREE For You!

The key to client attraction (or if you are a nonprofit, creating buzz and getting more support) is 100% primarily based on your FOOTING. I did a big ole post about footing way back. But basically when I say FOOTING, I’m referring to having an extremely solid and connectable MISSION STATEMENT. And even if you … Continued

How to Close the Deal: A Lesson in Footing

Watch this video to find out what you’ve been doing that sends your prospects heading for the hills after a consultation. To find your footing… 1. Do a stream of consciousness write-up. I encourage you to do this EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU ALREADY KNOW EVERYTHING. I know you, Ms. Know-it-All. No one has it … Continued

How To Get More Sales

The #1 concern of my clients and colleagues has always been customer acquisition and lead generation. I’m sensitive to that concern! We’ve all been there. Whether you’re brand new in the business world or you’ve been around for a few years, everyone has a slow season or a lull. They’re icky. I ain’t gonna lie … Continued

How to Be the STAR at Your Next Networking Event

The following is a guest post by Jessie Spielvogel, a location-independent social media guru with a love for small business. Jessie and I are both members of an awesome online community for women in business called Project Eve. She let me guest blog for her and I couldn’t resist asking her to blog for me! She’s got … Continued