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Market Researching for your Target Customer

LOL but seriously, WHAT IS Market Research? Market research is (per Wikipedia) any organized effort to gather information about target markets or customers. It is a very important component of business strategy.   Sometimes, market research also refers to researching an industry before launching a product or business to get a sense of how things … Continued

Unique Selling Proposition and You!

When I say USP, you may be thinking… >> About USDA Prime Beef. >> Your USB drive. But where the heck did you put that again? >> That USP sounds patriotic. It must be the United States of… Pizza? Okay – jokes aside, you might actually know that USP stands for… **drumroll please** Unique Selling … Continued

5 Web Design Trends You Should Know About

I never get to talk about trends – in fact, it’s weird, but nobody asks me about this part of my job. I find web design trends almost as exciting as fashion trends (keyword: *almost*). But seriously, it’s a great question because not all TRENDS are created equal. Some trends work really GREAT, while others … Continued

Choosing A Platform For Your Course

What Platform Should You Use? There are a TON of options you can pursue when it comes to course creation. So you may have your own favorites! But, if you’re new to this stuff, I thought it would be helpful to share my top two. #1 FOR DIYERS: Teachable (affiliate link) Teachable is my … Continued

Successfully Launching A Course with Pre-Sales

What if I told you the best way to launch a course successfully is to actually PRE-SELL your course. What do I mean by PRE-SELL? ***Sell it before you’ve created it.*** I recently did this with my Copy Masterclass. 📝 I pre-sold the course as a *beta* course. Then, once I saw I had interest, … Continued

Choosing Your Course Topic

Ah, the age-old question – what is the meaning of life? I mean – what is the topic of the course I want to create? ⁉️ Every happy go lucky entrepreneur has to ask themselves this – and it’s a pretty big deal of a question. If you ask a business coach what to do, … Continued

3 Reasons Courses ROCK

Someone call the Fire Department 👨‍🚒 because courses are HOT right now. I daresay (man – I love saying the word ‘daresay’) – but seriously – they’re hotter than… 🔥 – ketogenic dieting 🥓 – florals for spring 🌸 – the Roseanne reboot 📺 (Okay – maybe *not* hotter than that last one.) For those … Continued

Email Marketing Automation [3 Platforms to Use]

Email Marketing Automation has some pretty serious perks, doesn’t it? 🤑 When you automate lead-nurturing, it lets you work when you’re not actually working. That means, on days off, your email marketing platform can be set up to give your subscribers love ❤️ without your intervention. Or the need to physically hug strangers. 🤗 Now … Continued

How to Attract High-quality Guests for Interviews [3 Trade Secrets]

Whether you plan to use interview format for your podcast, YouTube show, or Facebook Live, you probably don’t wanna invite just ANYONE to join you. So that’s exactly where THESE tips come in! 👍 Before you start asking people to join your show, of course, you need to have done some of the lay work … Continued

Is Podcasting Right For You? [3 Qs to Ask Yourself]

Whether you’re looking to be a guest or host your own show, let’s go over podcasting from a logistical standpoint. Just because someone is a good painter doesn’t mean they’re also a good *sculptor* or *writer.* Similarly, just because someone is a good basketball player doesn’t mean they’ll also be a good baseball player. (Sorry … Continued