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Web Analytics for Regular, Un-nerdy Entrepreneurs

Web Analytics describes the process by which we measure user behavior with the content we publish online. It can take many forms, including but not limited to the following three which I consider to be foundational… – #1 – Website Data Tracking: traffic, user behavior, conversion tracking, flow – #2 – Email Marketing Data Tracking: … Continued

5 Web Design Trends You Should Know About

I never get to talk about trends – in fact, it’s weird, but nobody asks me about this part of my job. I find web design trends almost as exciting as fashion trends (keyword: *almost*). But seriously, it’s a great question because not all TRENDS are created equal. Some trends work really GREAT, while others … Continued

Email Marketing Automation [3 Platforms to Use]

Email Marketing Automation has some pretty serious perks, doesn’t it? 🤑 When you automate lead-nurturing, it lets you work when you’re not actually working. That means, on days off, your email marketing platform can be set up to give your subscribers love ❤️ without your intervention. Or the need to physically hug strangers. 🤗 Now … Continued

[Shopping List] What You Need to Create Videos

Wondering what you need to create videos for your business? If you wanna make Facebook Live, YouTube, or video, in general, part of your content marketing strategy, then take a look behind my lens at what I use to make great videos. Full disclosure: I also asked my buddy and client Breanne Kallonen for her … Continued


So, today, in a matter of 5 minutes, I made this: Freaking awesome, am I right? To make a GIF, you don’t need to… Be a professional designer Learn Photoshop Have a million dollars You just need to have an idea for a GIF and then go forth and create! #1 – The first thing … Continued

[FREE TUTORIAL] Hand-picked IFTTT Hacks To Help You Stop Working, Start Automating

I recently found out my readers’ biggest pain point is burnout. Burnout isn’t a new concept to you, of course. It’s very likely you’re either experiencing it right now or that you’ve felt it in the past. An article I read described burnout as a condition we feel when our needs aren’t being met in at least one of … Continued

How to Create Subtitles for Videos on Facebook

If you don’t know how to create subtitles for videos on Facebook, then you’re basically me from about an hour or so ago. Chances are you’ve probably already spent an unfunny amount of time thinking: …if you really need to do the subtitle thing for Facebook at all. (You do… sorry.) …why you even created this … Continued

The Only 4 Stock Photo Sites You Need to Use

What stock photo sites are the best? This is a question I get asked a LOT – so to preserve your sanity, I have curated my handy-dandy go-to list right here on this page. I use these exact stock photo sites shared below for these reasons: THEY’RE PERFECT FOR THOSE WHO ARE LACTOSE-INTOLERANT. Look, the vast … Continued

How to Make an Online Quiz to Get More Leads

Think about all the online content you create for your brand. What is the common denominator? (Likely) all of your content creates a PASSIVE experience for the user. Blog articles. Users read these. Videos. Users watch these. Podcast episodes. Users listen to these. Why are quizzes so darn awesome? Well, quizzes are unique because they force users answer questions. Who … Continued

Do you take charge cards using Square or magic fairy dust?

Clients ask me about accepting payments a LOT so I’ll break it down for you. The more ways you give people to pay you, the more money you will make. { tweet that } This goes two ways: The more revenue streams you have, the more money you will have. Examples of revenue streams include affiliate income, ad revenue, … Continued