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Email Marketing – The Basics for Beginners

Show of hands, who has questions about email marketing?   Email can seem outdated and boring with social media messaging now. Sometimes it feels like you’re totally utilizing your email for marketing, but your audience doesn’t seem to interact with it. You should know that email is one of your most important digital assets and … Continued

How to Spike Traffic + Attract Dream Leads

WEBSITE TRAFFIC 101: Where are your people coming from? I wanted to do one more post for website week. I know it’s Saturday and you might not be working – so I recommend hitting Save Post so you can read this later. ~ Myth: All users are created equal. ~ I get asked this question … Continued

5 Web Design Trends You Should Know About

I never get to talk about trends – in fact, it’s weird, but nobody asks me about this part of my job. I find web design trends almost as exciting as fashion trends (keyword: *almost*). But seriously, it’s a great question because not all TRENDS are created equal. Some trends work really GREAT, while others … Continued

Choosing A Platform For Your Course

What Platform Should You Use? There are a TON of options you can pursue when it comes to course creation. So you may have your own favorites! But, if you’re new to this stuff, I thought it would be helpful to share my top two. #1 FOR DIYERS: Teachable (affiliate link) Teachable is my … Continued

Are you GDPR compliant? [here’s what you need to know]

If you opened this, it’s super likely you’ve been seeing the Chicken-Little-esque, “sky is falling!” panic that’s swept through the entrepreneurial community over something called GDPR. GDPR is an acronym that stands for General Data Protection Regulation – a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union and the European Economic … Continued

Email Marketing Automation [3 Platforms to Use]

Email Marketing Automation has some pretty serious perks, doesn’t it? ? When you automate lead-nurturing, it lets you work when you’re not actually working. That means, on days off, your email marketing platform can be set up to give your subscribers love ❤️ without your intervention. Or the need to physically hug strangers. ? Now … Continued

Call to Actions: What They Are and How to Use Them

Your marketing is only as effective as your website. This is something I say to people ALL the time because it’s true! We’ve talked about what needs to be on your site (pages) as well as how to get people to show up (traffic). But once they DO show up and check out your content, … Continued

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website [4 Tips]

So maybe you want more traffic to your site, but you feel like you’ve squeezed every last ounce out of your social media efforts? You’ll be stoked to find out social media is just ONE of several different ways you can focus on driving traffic. ** TIP #1 – BLOGGING, PODCASTING, VIDEOS Obvious, but worth … Continued

6 Pages Every Website Needs

Did you know? The number of pages here (6) is also the maximum number of menu items you should have in the main menu of your website! Why six? Psychologically, studies show that if users see more than 5 or 6 options, they’re overwhelmed and can’t make a decision. Without further ado, your pages! *** … Continued

How to Create Newsletters Everyone Loves

“WHAT DO I WRITE?!” You might face this question with heaving sighs and the urge to bang your head against the wall. It feels like you’re back in school – a term paper due the next day – and all you can do is write one sentence that totally rips off Charles Dickens… “It was … Continued