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Part of “going live” with your new website often means you are getting new hosting, a new domain name (potentially), a new email set up (also, potentially), among other possible technical integrations. Likewise, part of the go-live process will mean you will get several emails from your new hosting company, email provider, domain name registrar, among other applicable technical servicing companies all with information I need. As they come into your inbox, please forward these emails to me directly so my team can continue with the Go Live Process.

We will use a credit card on file if you have provided one already to pay for the technical servicing companies mentioned above. If you would prefer to use a different card than the one already provided, you can submit a new card to us securely here. If you have any questions about the fees involved for the technical servicing companies or which ones to choose (usually upon reading this, you and I have had this conversation), simply shoot me an email and I will answer any questions you have.

As I mentioned before, “going live” involves my team – specifically, if you hear from someone named Zack, he is my lead developer. So, don’t be caught off guard if you and he become fast friends.

In terms of timeline, it can vary depending on a number of factors. After our work is done, it can take up to 24 to 48 hours for DNS to propagate and for your website to become viewable. So it is best to be patient with the Internet gods.


Liz Theresa, LLC (LizTheresa.com) will be available to make changes for 30 days after the go live date (bug fixes, spelling fixes, simple functionality changes.)


After 30 days, Liz Theresa, LLC (LizTheresa.com) relinquishes any and all applicable responsibility with regard to the website and any affiliated software, other websites, and products (including hosting).

After these same 30 days, it becomes the client’s sole responsibility to maintain the security, compliance, functionality, and aesthetic of his/her website. After this time, any further work requested of Liz Theresa, LLC (LizTheresa.com) will be available for an additional fee.


The client hereby understands that investing in a website (beyond the building phase) is simply part of having a website. Websites aren’t set it and forget it (unfortunately) and need to be serviced over time to ensure software is up to date, files and the database get backed up, and that the site and/or other web assets are in overall good health. Maintenance is a necessity when having a website and web presence because of the rate at which technology is changing, browser requirements are adjusting, and mobile phones keep moving forward technologically.


If the client would like to increase of the security of his/her website, he/she should consult Liz Theresa, LLC (LizTheresa.com) regarding additional layers of security including but not limited to SSL encryption and firewalls. Some businesses and professionals are also required to follow HIPAA rules with regards to online presences and behaviors. (If you’re unsure whether you need to follow the rules of HIPAA, you should consult with a local insurance agent or another licensed professional to find out the answer to that.)

All websites are required to be ADA and GDPR compliant. Although we take steps to increase accessibility of websites we create, to be formally compliant, we have to take additional steps. Please ask me directly if you want to increase your level of compliance with either ADA or GDPR.


It’s your responsibility to consider the security of your website. If you would like your site to be backed up (which we highly recommend), ask us to set up backups for you. A small software fee may apply depending on the backup solution that is right for you.

If you’d like a firewall or to enable SSL encryption, just ask us and we can help get you squared away. This is also your responsibility to ask and to maintain it for the future. Additional fees may also apply.


It takes a village to raise a child and we understand your team may be ever-expanding beyond Liz Theresa, LLC (LizTheresa.com). Should you hire other people to maintain your site at any point in time, you release us of any responsibility should the site experience issues (even if this happens in the 30 day window mentioned above.) Issues may simply occur in the course of having other technical professionals maintaining the website or other technical assets on your behalf. If something should break and you need to call us, we’re happy to help you at our hourly rate.