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  • Liz Theresa is the named Service Provider in this agreement. You, the signee indicated above, are the named Client in this agreement.

    Definition: "Website Development" means any technical work, design work, copywriting work, and any other type of website work under the scope of this Agreement sent from the Service Provider to the Client.

    Scope of Project: I, Liz Theresa, the Service Provider, agree to provide the Client, with Website Development services within the parameters of this Service Agreement.

    All marketing and/or business advice given by the Service Provider, incidentally or otherwise, is to be regarded as mere suggestion and should be followed at the discretion of the Client. Similarly, any design/brand concept or software implemented by the Service Provider for the Client is to be used at the discretion of the Client.

    Work is billed hourly. While we try to provide accurate estimates for projects, it is possible we either overestimated or underestimated. Any overage time will be deducted from a subsequent hourly package or billed at Liz Theresa's base rate.

    Timeline: The services described above will begin the date the invoice is paid and all forms are returned to me. Projects will be completed in a timely manner. Liz Theresa, the Service Provider, will be as efficient as possible, as stated in the Communication Guidelines below. The Client will do her best to also be efficient if Liz Theresa needs clarity along the way.

    Communication Guidelines: After receiving an email from you, I, Liz Theresa, agree to get back to you as quickly as I can. If I have a personal emergency, I will make the effort to let the Client know immediately so she is not inconvenienced. Liz Theresa and her team are available during business hours 9am ET to 5pm ET Monday through Friday and cannot guarantee availability otherwise.

    If the Client needs to reach me by telephone, she may do so. I may also reach out to the Client, along the way for clarification on the Client’s business (ie. what you charge per hour, what your password is for something, etc).

    Strategy sessions and business coaching calls are available for a separate fee.

    Payment Clause: Payments made by the Client to Liz Theresa are due upon receipt of the invoice, which must be paid in full before work is to begin. Payment is accepted via credit card or check. If the Client chooses to pay via check, Liz Theresa reserves the right to postpone work to ensure the check clears. Because Liz Theresa provides a service-based product, no monetary refunds will be provided once work for the Client has started. The Client reserves the right to revoke payment at any point before clearance of funds. The Client reserves the right to cancel the project at any time without a refund.

    Confidentiality: "Confidential information" means any information given to or worked on by the Liz Theresa and or a member of Liz Theresa's team (ie. employees, interns).

    Liz Theresa agrees not to use, disseminate or share any confidential information with vendors, clients or anyone else outside of Liz Theresa.

    Liz Theresa will use reasonable care to protect all confidential information, treating it as securely as if it were my own. All passwords and logins for FTP folders, subfolders, test sites and/or other software/programs, etc. acquired will be sent to LizTheresa via a secure method on a timely basis (as agreed upon, or stipulated via phone or email.)

    Liz Theresa won’t publish, copy or disclose any confidential information to any third party and will use my best efforts to prevent inadvertent disclosure of such information to any third party.

    Rush Clause: If your need is urgent, a rush fee of up to $500 may be incurred for unexpected work due immediately or within 24 to 48 hours if we’re forced to delay other client projects to accommodate your need.

    Adjustment Clause: Either party (the Client or the Service Provider) may make adjustments to this agreement so long as they both in agreement about any change.