Concept to Creation - Liz Theresa
Concept to Creation
Let’s create a brand and a website you love.
Package includes:
  Coaching and copywriting
  Custom logo
  Responsive web design
  Easy WordPress development
Package does not include:
  Hair-raising stress
  AA batteries
Made in the USA
What if the very thought of hiring a web designer / developer didn’t cause night terrors?
What if you could just hire someone who isn’t a liar, has-been, crackpot, or fake-o?
What if you could simply find someone trustworthy who did it all for you – the branding, the copywriting, the strategy, the website design, and the development?

Dreams don’t just come true at Disney World, my beautiful friend. THEY COME TRUE HERE AT LIZTHERESA.COM. (Yes, I really typed that.)

Keep Kleenex nearby because this next part will really get you crying tears of joy. You’ll cry more about how happy the Concept to Creation package makes you than you did watching the Friends finale.

What if you had someone on your side who could help you cut through all the noise?

One of the most common things I hear from my clients is that they had this other life before they met me – a life where they didn’t have a trusted online marketing expert or web person on their team. The horror!

In fact, I really do picture that pre-LT existence for them like an old, silent, poorly made, black and white horror film.

Before they met me, they were just like you – totally and relentlessly inundated with all kinds of paradoxical marketing and business advice from Facebook or marketing blogs they followed…

  You have to use all the social media networks! Be everywhere! Post every day! Use ‘em, baby.  

And at the same time…

  Use just one network and be freakin’ awesome at it. (Hint: This is what I deem best practice.)  

It’s my honor and passion to help you hopscotch over all the stuff that simply isn’t true so you can embrace business systems that really, really work!

With Concept to Creation, you don’t have to hire a coach,
a web designer, and a web developer separately.
You get us all, baby.

What’s great about working with us is that you don’t have to hire a bunch of people individually and expect them to work well together. My team has been working together for years. We have low-turnover because (1) I’m so fun to be around – and modest, too, – (2) we’re dayuummmmm good at what we do, and (3) we deeply care for each other and you, our client.

Simply put, you can’t hire a bunch of people and expect them to work as well together as Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, and Chris Kirkpatrick. It just can’t be done.

Watch the video below to learn more about me!
Client Testimonials
The Concept to Creation Package is about MORE than getting a swanky, branded website…
Never Googling “how to make a website” ever again. You can now focus on rocking at your business.
Being able to get real leads through your site because, plain and simple, your site was done right.
Closing the deal on the phone and truly believing your prospect is LUCKY to even get the chance to work with you.
Attracting a loyal and engaged community of people who LOVE you and your message
Deeply understanding your worth so you can sell your products and services with total confidence.
Creating content without throwing your laptop at the wall because you’ve learned to write in your own voice.
Most of all, it’s about not feeling alone anymore.
From now on, you’re officially loved and supported in your business by the LT Team.
How it works and what you get:
Step 1: Coaching & Copywriting

Up to 3 One-hour Coaching Sessions – Our conversations are beyond fun and free flowing! Together, we take notes in a shared Google document and I ask you all kinds of questions. The typical curriculum includes write highly converting copy for your about page, non-cheesy copy for your products and services page, auto-responder emails, and your opt-in gift. Other things we may cover: automating your business, creating business “systems,” setting marketing goals, and coming up with a strategy to grow after you launch.

Action Steps – To keep work moving in between sessions, I will give you specific things to do so we are on track with getting you where you need to be.

VIP Email support – You can email me questions outside of our meeting time and I will be there to advise you.

Step 2: Custom, Responsive Website Design

Logo – I will design a beautiful logo to go with your website and is aligned with your messaging.

Website Design – No two of my client websites look the same – and that’s because no two of my clients are the same! Your website will showcase your unique personality so you’re not camouflaged amidst the homepages of countless other entrepreneurs. It is also designed with your call to action in mind (whatever that is – and if you don’t know, I’m here to help.)

Photo Retouching – If you don’t have fancy headshots, no biggie. We offer free retouching of that photo your BFF took of you on her iPhone so you suddenly look super professional.

Step 3: Intuitive Wordpress Development

Custom Theme – We create a custom, responsive theme from the design from Step 2 on the WordPress platform.

Even Easier to Use Than Regular WordPress – We like to create websites that are crazy easy to work with even for external developers you may hire down the road. We don’t and we won’t try to lock you in! Ever.

Page-by-Page Customization – We add in an extremely intuitive interface that lets you make pages pretty without hiring us again. Imagine knowing how to easily change your header photo on a page by page basis! This is totally a thing we can do.

Backups – We setup automatic updates and backups so you sleep peacefully at night.

Plugins – We only give you what you need (fewer plugins is better) so we made sure we only give you the best! Envision pre-installed advanced forms software (value $100+), setup of SEO-ready software, installation of Google Analytics, and optimization for Facebook.

Tutorial – You get a live tutorial session and prerecorded demo video so you totally know what you’re doing.

Step 4: Launch Tips!

Tutorial (Part 2) – After the web tutorial, I give you a free, 1 one-hour post-launch strategy session. Some examples of what we might go over include email marketing, lead generation, social media, teleseminars, speaking engagements, among other topics. It’s totally up to you!

VIP Status – $50 one-time voucher toward other services to keep you moving forward in your business.

Access to all LT digital downloads.

If you’re ready, I’m ready.

To see if we are a fit, click the button to schedule a free call with me. I’m constantly giving my Concept to Creation clients more free stuff with their package. So if there’s something you want, but don’t see, ask if it is available! You never know.

Looking for just a basic website? No frills, strategy, or copywriting?
We do those too. Just click the button above and ask about basic websites on the call.


My support team is entirely in-house, personally-invested, chock full of personality, and made in the USA. We all are proud US citizens and happy to be working with you. Except Jules – she’s from Canada. But she lives in the states – so you know – made in the USA.

All sites we do are flat rate. Before we talk turkey, we need to see if we are actually a fit for each other. Schedule a call here.

About 6 to 8 weeks depending on when you get started and how close together you schedule your coaching sessions.

No! You can choose to do that, but you are not required. Typically, clients choose to retain me because they like me, but you’re absolutely not required to.

You can buy this at any point, but feel free to consult with me for recommendations on where to make your purchase.

Don’t buy anything yet. We give you advice when it comes to setting up your hosting account as well as other technical components you may want to consider.

You can either opt to keep your current logo or use the time to make adjustments as you wish. Up to you!

I have a client intake survey that helps me make design choices you’ll really love.

We help you create and setup a custom email address (think A lot of developers are all like, “Hey. Here’s a site. Take a hike.” We’re not like that. We know that email is a thing you use and go the extra mile to make sure you’re all set up.

Aside from the four coaching sessions you get, I also give you two complimentary 1 hour tutorials (and bonus videos for reference) on how to edit your website and send e-newsletters. You walk away with the keys to the kingdom. I encourage you to check out our development demos in our Case Studies area of this website to see the behind-the-scenes features we build into sites to make them as easy as possible for you to edit.

Every Concept to Creation client will get a one-time voucher for $50 off toward additional web development or design or business coaching services to be redeemed after you launch.