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E260 – Kali Patrick – Why Can’t You Just Go to Sleep

EPISODE SPONSOR: It’s Not Personally, Sonny, It’s Business by Steph Palermo I love books that give a real glimpse into a culture while also imparting life lessons. There’s not many books like this, but my favorite one is It’s Not Personally, Sonny, It’s Business by Steph Palermo. In this book, Steph combines the pillars of … Continued

E233 – Jill Babiarz – Stop and Smell the Jewels

Jill Babiarz has been teaching healing movement for over 2 decades now and has had her own private practice for 17 years. In her warm and cozy studio in Madison, Wisconsin or through the online platforms, she has helped thousands of people to walk through their healing journeys. She loves to share her own story … Continued

E229 – Julie Schmit – Deepen Your Intimacy to Boost Your Biz

For over thirty years, Julie Schmit, MA-MFT has been professionally coaching others as an energy healer. In 2018, she became professionally a licensed marriage & family therapist. Julie helps women and their partners deeply connect to one another without defenses or inhibitions through her scientific and practical approach to intimacy. She offers Couple’s Energy Coaching, … Continued

E219 – Kristen Bowen – You Need-ium Magnesium

Kristen Bowen is a Magnesium advocate, social entrepreneur, and the founder of Living The Good Life Naturally. She has spent the last two decades helping women become comfortable with their power, so that they can create optimal health. Kristen lives in Morro Bay, California with her husband, Morgan, a recent double amputee. Together they are … Continued

E215 – Melanie Weller – Viva Las Vagus Nerve

Melanie Weller is the world’s leading expert in the physical expression of story through the vagus nerve. She helps individuals and businesses get into a flow state to transform presence and amplify outcomes and trains people in her process. She flipped her expertise as a vagus nerve/stress management expert and physical therapist from an illness … Continued

E212 – Tara Mazanec – Creating a Simple Wellness Formula for Sustainable Health

Tara Mazanec, CPT, HHC, CYI is a Personal Trainer, Holistic Health Counselor, and Yoga Instructor. She has nearly two decades of experience coaching people on how to take command of their wellness. Her purpose is to help clients perform better, for longer, by understanding their needs and providing the tools to help them achieve their goals. … Continued

E206 – Leanne Sedlak & Kim Brunton – A Spa-tastic Success Story

Rockstars, Hotel Guests, Professional Athletes, Busy Employees, Members, VIPs, Business Owners, and High-Powered Executives reduce their stress at SkinCatering! SkinCatering provides clients with high quality massage, skincare, and spa services without the use of harmful chemicals to maintain a balance of healthy living. About Leanne As a massage therapist, Leanne specialized in treatments for rockstars … Continued

E193 – Amy Goober – Are You Driving Your Life?

Amy Goober has a B.S. in psychology from Cornell University. She is a C.O.P.E. Certified Health Coach, through the Villanova School of Nursing, and has helped over 600 clients in her 7 years of coaching. She has reached the level of Global Director at Optavia, being one of only 2% of all 35,000 Health Coaches … Continued

E187 – Ashley Tresoline – Bella Foodie, Vegan Italian, & Personal Chef

Ashley Tresoline is a personal chef who has shared her love of health and wellness through food for more than 6 years. Her expertise has allowed her to educate all age levels, from 4-100, on the value of healthy, organic food and its impact on overall health. Ashley is a regular segment guest on Mass … Continued

E176 – Nicole Jardim – How to Be a Great Leader (and write a book!)

Nicole Jardim is a Certified Women’s Health Coach, writer, speaker, mentor, and the creator of Fix Your Period, a series of programs that empower women to reclaim their hormone health using a method that combines evidence-based information with simplicity and sass. Her work has impacted the lives of tens of thousands of women around the world … Continued